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Shira McDermott

Food Blogger, Writer

Shira McDermott from In Pursuit of More

As a food lover, I believe eating well should be accessible to all, and that eating healthfully needn’t be overly expensive or complicated. By using seasonal, plant-based ingredients, my aim is to inspire people to cook and eat well & always with a healthy dose of gratitude.

Shira is a food blogger and professional writer who rocks a million-dollar smile and a passion for eating well. On her blog, In Pursuit of More, she shares uncomplicated recipes that make healthful living a cinch, without a single boring dish in the bunch. Shira follows the philosophy that nutritious food can be accessible to everyone, and doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. She believes food brings people together, and the well-lived life is always full of flavor. A lifelong vegetarian, she loves gardening, running, and hanging out with her two fabulous kids (and soul-mate husband) at their home in Vancouver, BC. Shira is inspired by dreams of roaming the countryside, enjoying everything in life with gratitude, and lots and lots of love.

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