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Tara Mae Barker

Pastry Chef, Recipe Developer, Writer

A Baking Life

Tara Mae Barker from A Baking Life

I believe that gluten-free food should be delicious and indistinguishable from high-quality gluten-full food. No one should have to settle for sub-par food just because they eat gluten-free. The best foods are real, handmade, and shared with friends and family.

Tara is a wife, mother, and pastry chef in Maine who shares her delicious and gluten-free approach to cooking and baking on her blog A Baking Life. We love that her food is always elegant and homemade and her recipes are accompanied by thoughtful stories about what the dishes mean to her. As a pastry chef, she has an extensive collection of desserts and baked goods, which she makes gluten-free by experimenting with different flour combinations and techniques. If you have a sweet tooth and live gluten-free, Tara’s definitely one to follow.

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