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We believe everyone can and should cook great tasting food.

Our mission is to inspire the home cook. We strive to help make cooking more enjoyable, interesting, and (most importantly) more delicious. Whether you're young, old, a culinary newbie or master chef, we aim to help bring great food and full stomachs to your kitchen.

What We Do

NoshOnIt (Nosh On It) is a free daily cooking newsletter that helps bring new ideas to your kitchen. We hunt for the best recipes from chefs and bloggers, online and offline, and deliver them right to your inbox along with an expert cooking tip.

Each recipe is paired with a NoshOnIt Edition (theme) and day of the week. Editions include one recipe and cooking tip from an amazing chef. You select the newsletter Editions that align with your cooking style to make sure you're getting culinary inspirations to suit your tastes.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy and completely free!

  1. Enter your email address on our subscription page.
  2. Update your subscription preferences with the Editions you want to receive. (Don't worry, you can modify your Edition preferences any time after subscribing)
  3. That's it! Keep an eye on your inbox for NoshOnIt recipes and cooking tips delivered to you on the Edition days you selected.

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