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One favorite seasonal candy magically turns into another when candy corn, chocolate, and peanut butter meet in this uber-simple recipe to create your own butterfinger bars at home. A little heat, a thorough chill, and presto - the flaky crunchy texture you’d expect straight from the wrapper! Rebeccah, Recipe Hunter

Rebeccah Marrero


3-Ingredient Butterfinger Bars

A true candy metamorphosis

Don’t you hate when you don’t get what you want when trick or treating? Maybe it’s too many caramel candies, too little chocolate or, heaven forbid, healthy snacks! Well, Amy’s here to help if you’ve got an overabundance of unwanted candy corn. Tiny and addictive, candy corn is a divisive substance- you either love it or hate it. But in our wildest dreams we didn’t imagine you could melt these bad boys down and create another one of the most beloved candies – Butterfingers! Ingenious in its simplicity, these butterfinger bars have only three ingredients, which means making your own candy bars at home can be simpler than you’ve ever imagined. That’s right three ingredients total. Count ‘em: chocolate, candy corn, and peanut butter. As ingredients, chocolate and peanut butter are well-known to be thick as thieves, and the addition of candy corn does not make three a crowd. Carefully melted candy corn is combined with peanut butter before being chilled creating a near identical texture to the Butterfingers you’d find in a store. Even the candy corn haters will fight anyone who tries to lay a finger on their Butterfinger bars!


Amy Atherton

Recipe Developer, Photographer, & Writer

Amy Atherton from Foods for My Soul

I believe that healthy foods can still taste every bit as delicious and decadent as their more sinful siblings, so at Foods for the Soul, I develop lighter versions of your favorite sweets without sacrificing any of the flavor.

Amy started Foods for the Soul to document her quest to cook her way through the alphabet, and we’re ever so glad it made her realize how much she loves everything that goes into blogging! Now a full-time blogger, Amy creates healthier versions of your favorite decadent recipes with full flavor for maximum satisfaction. An admitted chocoholic, sweets are her main focus, but Amy also serves up a dash of healthified savory recipes on the side. Her straightforward uncomplicated recipes make baking a breeze and with these healthy options, it’s not only OK but recommended that you take seconds!

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