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Forget angels, this is a cake for the gods. Shinee’s recipe is nothing like the styrofoam cakes at the supermarket. This homemade delicacy is elegant, light, and spongy, with a bright note from some vibrant orange zest. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Edeker


Angel Food Cake

Heaven with strawberries on top

This sweet, spongy cake with its golden brown crust is the perfect canvas for a spoonful of strawberries. Made with only seven ingredients and a bit of patience, this homemade dessert is moist, tender, and light. It gets its rise, not from baking powder or baking soda, but solely from egg whites that are beaten into stiff peaks and stabilized by cream of tartar. The slow integration of the remaining ingredients keeps the batter delicate and airy. As the cake bakes, the batter clings to the side of the pan giving the cake a light and airy texture similar to a soufflé. And the real trick comes in cooling the cake upside down, allowing it to reach air temperature without collapsing. Topped with honey-sweetened strawberries, this cake is the perfect way to welcome in spring.


Shinee Davaakhuu

Blogger, Recipe Developer, Photographer

Shinee- Headshot

I believe that food brings people together and I love having friends and family over quite often. My secret to hosting stress-free parties is to serve a few simple, yet delicious, bite size food and enjoy the company.

The mastermind behind Sweet and Savory, Shinee offers her readers the chance to fall in love with homemade food. Growing up in Mongolia, where fancy restaurants and grocery stores are few and far between, she learned to take advantage of her kitchen, creating delicious recipes while learning how to cook. Her site also includes tutorials on basic cooking techniques, reassuring even the most doubtful of home cooks that beautiful and enticing meals can come from any kitchen.

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Cooling Angel Food Cake Upside Down

For such a delicate dessert, it’s surprising that the trick to perfect lightness is cooling the cake upside down.

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