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Friends, it's time to transform apple cider into a crisp cocktail for the grown-ups. While there are several ways to mix and/or spike it, Carlynn's recipe does so in a manner that truly captures the essence of Fall with ginger beer and vodka. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


Apple Cider and Ginger Beer Cocktail

A cocktail that looks and tastes like Fall

Does there exist another beverage that is more essentially Fall than fresh-pressed apple cider? We think not. Cider is so delicious on its own that sometimes we forget all the ways in which we can amp it up, and it just so happens to be the perfect base for this invigorating seasonal cocktail. Carlynn’s recipe is quick and simple, yet interesting, featuring a dynamic duo of cider and ginger beer. The crisp sweetness of cider and the distinct fizzy spice of ginger beer complement each other well and with the right proportion of vodka, together they conquer. Carlynn serves her concoction over ice and garnishes with a cinnamon stick (which you can use as a straw!). It may get chilly outside, but with this cocktail you can warm up indoors and enjoy just the right amount of autumn crispness in your glass.


Carlynn Woolsey

Freelance Writer and Photographer

Carlynn Woolsey

I learned how to create an experience through food from my parents, who are restaurant owners. I love to take a classic recipe and put a unique spin on it, emphasizing quality ingredients… and having fun while doing it!

While originally a silly nickname appointed to Carlynn by her father at a young age, “JJBegonia” stuck and is now the name of her blog. For her, it serves as a personal outlet where she keeps everything she loves (relating to food, style, DIY crafts, wise words, etc.); for us, it is a goldmine of inspiration. Between moving around, working, practicing yoga and nursing a mild shopping addiction, it’s a wonder where Carlynn finds the time to cook and take such stunning photographs; however, with parents in the restaurant business, a nutrition-savvy sister, and a fondness for farmers’ markets, Carlynn certainly knows the importance of a good meal and kindly shares all of her tasty creations with us.

Head over to JJBegonia and say hello to Carlynn on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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  • Bianca Garcia

    This sounds delicious! It’s making me thirsty 😉

  • ashleighbennett

    This was a delish way to use up the abundance of apple cider I had at the end of this season!! Crisp, apple-y with the good kick of ginger beer (I actually used ginger ale after I ran out of ginger beer – still good!!) I slipped a few apple slices in there too…People kept asking for recipe. Thanks, NoshOnIt, I’ll be back for more recipes like this one!!