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The sun is out, outdoor BBQ season will soon be upon us, and we can already hear the sizzling of the grill. You’ll want to have some killer side dishes up your sleeve this summer, and this healthy, tangy slaw delivers a refreshing crunch with just the right amount of heat. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


Apple Radish Slaw with Honey Lime Jalapeño Vinaigrette

Simple and seasonal summer slaw

When we say “slaw,” your mind probably jumps straight to cabbage-based, mayo-packed cole slaw – a common attendee of the American barbecue. Did you know that there is a whole realm of healthier, lighter (often Asian-inspired) slaws that contain zero mayonnaise? In this case and point, Liz keeps it light and colorful with a crunchy trio of carrots, radishes, and granny smith apples all sliced into matchsticks, tossed with diced scallions and a sweet n’ spicy dressing. Honey, jalapeno, lime, and mint are whisked together into a balanced vinaigrette that makes this dish pop with flavor; the resulting slaw is the perfect, refreshing sidekick to whatever you may be firing up the grill for this season. The best part? Liz lets you in on the secret of how to control the spiciness, whether you’re looking to bring the heat or dial it down.


Liz Della Croce

Healthy Food Blogger, Recipe Developer, Freelance Writer

Liz Della Croce - The Lemon Bowl

The Lemon Bowl is your guide to simple, seasonal recipes that just so happen to be good for you. I firmly believe that it doesn’t matter how healthy food is if it doesn’t taste good!

Meet Liz: mother of two, TODAY Show featured guest, zumba aficionado, and creator of The Lemon Bowl. Through this healthy food and lifestyle blog, Liz is able to realize her mission of maintaining healthy eating habits while always holding taste as the top priority. With a love for whole, seasonal ingredients, a spark for colorful flavor combinations, and a well-stocked pantry, Liz puts a uniquely healthy-delicious spin on any dish (we’re not kidding, everything is fair game here, even fried rice). We love that Liz keeps it simple while relating each recipe back to her own personal experiences – not to mention her generous use of eye-catching food photography. Healthy never looked so good!

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