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A spin on the traditional, Nicole's glazed ham is both sweet and smoky. With ingredients like bourbon, apricot jam, and maple syrup in the her homemade glaze, what's not to like? The caramelized crust seals in the juices making for a succulent ham for everyone to enjoy this Easter. Marleena, Recipe Hunter

Marleena Eyre


Apricot, Brown Sugar, and Bourbon Glazed Ham

Glazed and infused with a Southern twist

This glazed ham recipe will surely take the spotlight at your holiday gathering this year. It’s so simple and tasty that it could be used for any other special occasion throughout the year as well. Nicole breaks down her recipe into two sections, making it foolproof even for the most challenged of cooks. By using a fully or partially-cooked ham, all you have to do is reheat it in the oven for a few hours. But the real kicker is her homemade glaze. Traditional glazed hams often use a mixture of brown sugar and Dijon mustard, but Nicole also adds apricot jam and bourbon for a Southern twist. The alcohol in the bourbon burns off in the cooking process, but leaves behind notes of vanilla and oak that only enhance the glaze and meat. Reducing the glaze over the stovetop ensures that it sticks to the outside of the ham, which makes for a caramelized crust–thanks to finishing it in the oven at high heat. While there will be plenty to pass around, save some for sandwiches later in the week, and don’t forget to save that ham bone! It’s perfect for making split pea soup along with your leftover ham.


Nicole Kosowski

Wife, Mother, Artist, Food Blogger, Photographer

Nicole Kosowski of The Galley Gourmet

My goal when cooking is to unlock, then amplify all potential flavors in a recipe. It's somewhat like a recording studio - tweak a few components up, fade others down until the mix is just right to suit the palates of family and friends. Once perfected, I enjoy sharing with the world.

Nicole is the blogger and photographer behind the The Galley Gourmet where she shares her classic and comforting dishes created from her galley kitchen. What we love most about Nicole’s style is that she believes in creating her dishes from scratch by not taking unnecessary shortcuts and tweaking recipes until the flavors are just right. With an eclectic palate, you’ll find her blog filled with traditional, authentic dishes from  different parts of the world (and different regions of the U.S.) along with her own creative concoctions as part of her culinary adventures.

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