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Since the recipe for Arroz Con Leche came straight out of her mother’s recipe box, this creamy traditional Mexican rice pudding is one of Ana’s prized heirlooms. The subtle milky sweetness and spiced cinnamon flavor throughout the entire pudding makes it a dessert that can be savored throughout the year. Served cold, it’s a refreshing summer dessert. Served warm, it’s a comforting treat. Whether it’s suntanning weather or snowman season, Arroz Con Leche is a timeless favorite. Ellen, Recipe Hunter

Ellen Parmar


Arroz Con Leche

Cinnamon coated Mexican rice pudding

The simplicity of Arroz Con Leche is what makes it so irresistible. It’s the kind of dessert that can be made after a hard (possibly rainy) day, when what already exists in the pantry and refrigerator is as far as you’re going to go for ingredients. Cooking it is as short and sweet as can be, since the saucepan does most the work.

And while it’s still a dessert, there isn’t any additional sugar or butter to smother the delicate sweetness of condensed milk that is laced throughout the whole batch. Using just enough milk to taste creamy without losing its hearty texture, grains of rice aren’t over puffed and mushy, but tender and smooth. However ivory white it appears when spooning it into serving dishes, it isn’t under-spiced at all.

The secret to this pudding’s even coating of cinnamon is that a cinnamon stick is cooked start to finish with the rice, giving the cinnamon enough time for its flavor to meld into the rice. Just as the milk and vanilla extract is added to the rice, raisins are dispersed throughout the pudding so that they absorb the milk along with the rice, this makes the raisins juicy and plump by the time the pudding has finished simmering. Each biteful is the slowly savored kind that unravels in your mouth in layers of silky and spiced flavors.


Ana Frias

Food Blogger, Portrait Photographer & Software Analyst

Ana Frias

I always say that to live a healthy life, your diet must be well-balanced with lots of nutritious food. That includes not always healthy, but oh so delicious desserts and meals. Everything is good for you as long as you eat it in moderation!

Ana is the multi-talented photographer and blogger of Fit, Fun and Delish, her blog that features her sometimes healthy, sometimes indulgent, but always delicious collection of recipes. She is devoted to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and growing up as an athlete and a food lover has ensured that she does so in a tasty and creative manner. Ana’s beautiful photography on Fit, Fun, & Delish is a newfound passion – in addition to working in the corporate world and blogging, Ana runs a portrait photography business, and has recently moved onto food! We love Ana’s philosophy that a healthy lifestyle includes eating the occasional indulgence – her philosophy in both her personal and cooking life is about finding balance. Ana’s voice is inspiring and approachable, and includes tips on staying motivated when it comes to healthy eating and fitness so we can all enjoy a taste of her balanced lifestyle.

Head over to  Fit, Fun & Delish and say hello to Ana on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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