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We're celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage month with this collection of 10 recipes from 10 different countries with rich culinary identities. Sit back and travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen. Brooke, Recipe Hunter

Brooke Jackson-Glidden, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Celebrating Asian Cuisine with 10 Recipes from 10 Countries

Travel around the world from your kitchen

10 Recipes from 10 Asian Countries

Happy South Asian and Pacific-Asian American Heritage Month! The month of May is big for Asia in North America: In Canada, May is a month of celebration for South Asian immigrants, while in the United States, May is a time to celebrate cultural practices of Asian Americans. Here at NoshOn.It, we are unbelievably grateful for everything Asia has provided for us culinarily, from sweet and spicy curries heaping with potatoes and squash to tangy noodle dishes littered with bean sprouts and basil leaves. The flavors of lemongrass, fish sauce and sesame oil linger on our tongues as we celebrate one of our favorite cuisines and cultures. We collected ten of our favorite South and Pacific Asian recipes, so open up your pantry, break out the spices, and get ready to celebrate Asian heritage.

  • Vietnam

    Vietnamese Pho

    The Pho craze hit the US a few years ago, and since that first bowl, America has fallen in love with the classic beef noodle soup. Pho is traditionally served with bean sprouts, lime, basil leaves, hoisin and Sriracha, to customize your bowl just to your liking. In this recipe, Becca of Meat Loves Salt shares her Dad’s step-by-step process of making your own Pho at home, from charring the onions to boiling the bones. Becca’s attention to detail makes her Pho stand out among the many recipes that clutter the web. (Recipe and photo: Meat Loves Salt)

  • Thailand

    Thai Tom-Kha-Gai

    Tom Kha Gai serves as a delicious summer soup, balancing creamy coconut milk with citrusy hints of lemongrass and lime juice and just a kick of red curry paste. Kimberly of The Daring Gourmet describes hers as “aroi mak mak,” or, in English, “Deeeeelicious!” Her Tom Kha Gai is easy to make and bursting with flavor – aroi mak mak indeed. (Recipe and photo: The Daring Gourmet)

  • Philippines

    Filipino Spring Rolls (Lumpia)

    Lumpia, or Filipino spring rolls, play off the traditional Chinese appetizer with a distinct Filipino twist. Lumpiang Sariwa simply means “fresh spring roll,” as in not fried. Traditionally, lumpia are made with sweet potatoes, jicama and/or heart of palm, but Adora of Adora’s Box makes her lumpia with a combination of green beans, chickpeas, fish sauce and oyster sauce – a more accessible version of the Filipino classic. (Recipe and photo: Adora’s Box)

  • Indonesia

    Indonesian Avocado Shake

    What better way to celebrate spring than with a nice cold avocado shake. Yes, you heard me correctly: Jus Alpuka are creamy, sweet Balinese drinks made with condensed milk, ice and our favorite green fruit. Shannon of Just as Delish coats her glass with a bit of chocolate syrup, to counterbalance the sweetness of the condensed milk. Welcome in summer the Indonesian way with these refreshing, innovative and incredibly easy smoothies. (Recipe and photo: Just As Delish)

  • Cambodia

    Cambodian Capsicum Salad with Sesame Dressing

    Brighten up your dinner table with Wholesome Cook’s grilled capsicum salad with sesame dressing.  Martyna chars her capsicum, more commonly known as bell pepper, over an open flame, which adds a level of smokiness that plays off the smoked fish and cuts the acidity of the lime. (Recipe and photo: Wholesome Cook)

  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Burmese Shrimp Curry

    This Shrimp Curry is no ordinary curry. Burmese curries incorporate elements of many of the surrounding countries, including turmeric from India and fish sauce from Thailand. This shrimp curry uses a tomato broth, with shallots, garlic and turmeric as a curry base. Watch out for the dash of cayenne – it will catch you off-guard. (Recipe and photo: Javaholic)

  • Laos

    Laotian Chicken

    Ditch the A-1 this summer and try something different. Street Cuisine’s Ping Gai chicken recipe uses lemongrass, lime juice, fish sauce and oyster sauce to make a sweet, tangy marinade for chicken. Don’t be daunted if you can’t find the Sambal Oelek (Southeast Asian chili sauce) — I’ll let you in on a little secret: stick fresh red chilis with water in a food processor, you’re good to go. (Recipe and photo: Street Cuisine)

  • Malaysia

    Malaysian Prawn Noodle (Hae Mee)

    Sea Salt With Food’s Hae Mee, a prawn noodle soup, is perfect for the shrimp lover. Hot, spicy and a little sweet, this soup works wonders on the allergy-stricken’s sinuses. (Recipe and photo: Sea Salt with Food)

  • India

    Indian Paneer Tikka Masala

    There’s nothing like going out for dinner and seeing a bright orange, steaming plate of Tikka Masala headed your direction. My Fancy Pantry’s vegetarian Paneer Tikka Masala, an Indian restaurant classic curry made with masala spice and ghee (clarified butter), brings the restaurant flavor to your kitchen. (Recipe and photo: My Fancy Pantry)

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lankan Coconut Squares

    Finish your tour of South Asia in Sri Lanka, with Girl Cooks World’s gluten-free sweet jellied coconut squares. The sweetness of the coconut milk and maple syrup works well with the crunchy cashews. (Recipe and photo: Girl Cooks World)


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