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Avocado Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs with a green twist

Looking for that perfect appetizer to watch the stars stroll down the Red Carpet for your Oscars viewing party? Deviled eggs are one of our go-to cocktail party appetizers but we’re always looking for something to make them just a little more special. This recipe from Jennifer keeps us thinking green by substituting avocado for some of the mayo that’s in a traditional deviled egg recipe. The result is a beautiful green color, creamy consistency, and even more of that delicious avocado flavor that we crave. After hard-cooking the eggs, pinch of ground mustards adds a spicy bite and parsley and lime juice add a punchy tang to balance the flavors. Pipe the filling into the egg white halves using a homemade pastry bag (if you don’t have a real one). These never last long enough so make a few dozen extra and party in style.


Jennifer Dempsey

Creator of Mother Thyme

Jennifer Dempsey from Mother Thyme

My concept of cooking is homemade made easy. As a mom of twins, I like to incorporate fresh ingredients with common items already on hand for fast, easy, family recipes.

Think it’s difficult to put fresh, homemade food on the table every night? Hogwash! If you follow Jennifer, the blogger, cook, and design aficionado behind Mother Thyme, you’ll learn how homemade meals really can be made easy. Her family-friendly recipes are unique in that they combine fresh ingredients with items that you have in your pantry, teaching us along the way how to be resourceful with a full fridge and a well-stocked pantry. And, in addition to recipes, Jennifer also has a passion for a design and shares her DIY, decorating projects, and entertaining tips with us!

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