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Ira’s traditional Indonesian fried chicken is simple to make, yet bursting with exotic flavors, transporting our tastebuds to the lush jungles and black-sand beaches of Bali. Krysta, Recipe Hunter

Krysta Voskowsky


Ayam Goreng: Indonesian Style Fried Chicken

A mouthwatering international take on a classic fried favorite.

Ayam Goreng, literally translated to “chicken fried” in Indonesian, is completely different than the breaded American version. A marinade of aromatic garlic, turmeric, and lemongrass infuse this dish with fresh tropical flavor, and just a few sizzling minutes in hot oil (traditionally coconut oil) keeps the chicken juicy, finished with a perfect crisp on the outside. On the island of Bali, every family crafts their own variation of this recipe, experimenting with local spices to achieve the perfect tasty combination. Ayam goreng is traditionally enjoyed in dishes of fried rice, tossed atop stir fried vegetables, or devoured fresh out of the skillet using your fingers. No matter which way you choose to eat Ira’s Indonesian fried chicken, we can guarantee this international take on an American classic will have you saying, “selamat makan!” (Happy eating!)


Ira Rodrigues

Food Photographer, Recipe Developer/Writer

Ira Rodrigues from Cooking Tackle

Cooking is about self-expression, it should always be fun! I like cooking with a twist, while keeping food simple and mouth watering. I explore different flavors, reflect different tastes, and I believe passion makes every homemade meal ultimately divine.

Ira Rodrigues and her blog, Cooking Tackle, come to us from the island of Bali in southern Indonesia. The kitchen is Ira’s paradise: she lavishes in exploring the traditional flavors of her home country, doing her culinary part to keep Indonesian food heritage alive. Paired with her passion for food photography, Ira enjoys sharing her simple, delicious recipes with heartfelt home cooks across the globe, never missing an opportunity to learn and make new creative discoveries.

Head over to Cooking Tackle and say hello to Ira on Twitter, and Facebook.


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  • Rob

    Your recipe makes my mouth water. Doing it now for dinner.
    btw, do you have a recipe for west sumatra/aceh dry style mie goreng? We used to get it from the pushcarts in Medan…