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Toffee-flavored cooked condensed milk (aka dulce de leche), bananas, and whipped cream are layered on top of a nutty graham cracker crust. To make it special, Amber adds a surprise layer of peanut butter chocolate. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Swanson, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Banoffee Surprise Pie

If bananas and toffee had a baby

We first had this classic British dessert several years ago at The Spotted Pig in New York City and have always wondered how to make it. It turns out that it’s actually pretty simple thanks to this recipe from Amber, who adds a special surprise layer inside. The base is a nutty walnut graham cracker crust which is topped with peanut butter chocolate (Amber’s special twist), sliced bananas, and toffee flavored cooked condensed milk (aka dulce de leche). The entire pie is spread with a fluffy layer of whipped cream and chocolate shavings to finish it off. The best part? It’s ready to eat right away so grab a fork and dig in.



Amber Potter

Photographer, Food Blogger, Recipe Developer

Amber Potter from Sprinkled with Flour

Sprinkled With Flour is about getting back to making food with real ingredients, while keeping it easy and delicious. I want to inspire cooks to put away the boxed food and learn the joy of getting messy in the kitchen.

Amber is the food blogger and recipe developer behind Sprinkled with Flour where she shares her fresh and easy recipes with a focus on from-scratch cooking. What we love most about Amber is that she shares in our belief of making real food from real ingredients. Growing up in the UK, Amber’s family didn’t have access to many of the ingredients they were used to in the U.S., so she was raised in an environment that emphasized making things from scratch. Now, she practices that same belief with her own family and on her blog, while still keeping things approachable and simple! When she’s not developing recipes, Amber is a photographer who captures special family moments with a fun and fresh style.

Head over to Sprinkled with Flour and say hello to Amber on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


How to Make Dulce de Leche (Boiled Condensed Milk)

When you boil sweetened condensed milk for hours, it turns into a rich, sweet, toffee flavored confection known as dulce de leche.

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  • Krysta Voskowsky

    I ate so much of this in Ireland! So delicious…