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Barramundi Sliders with Lemon Saffron Aioli

The healthier side of sliders

In our opinion, sliders just might be the perfect meal. They’re compact, handheld, and filled with everything you need for a complete dinner. And, their only limitation is your creativity. In these seafood sliders, Lauren sandwiches honey glazed roasted barramundi between buttery brioche buns. The firm flesh of the barramundi holds its meaty texture when cooked, creating a fish-filled sandwich that won’t fall apart. Instead of topping it with the usual slider toppings of ketchup and mustard, these are topped with a fragrant “quick” aioli made from mayonnaise, lemon juice, and just a pinch of saffron (expensive, yes, but a little goes a long way). Add a few leaves of arugula for some green, an extra squeeze of lemon, and you’ve got a delicious and creative dish that’s equally good for a quick weeknight meal as it is for a (nicer) Game Day snack.


Lauren Grier

Food and Lifestyle Blogger

Lauren Grier from Climbing Grier Mountain

Climbing Grier Mountain is all about embracing curiosity. I think of my kitchen as a playground full of endless opportunities to make dishes that reflect life’s experiences and shenanigans. My recipes are fresh, flavorful, and adventurous just like Colorado.

Lauren is the food and lifestyle blogger behind Climbing Grier Mountain, where she shares her recipes, travel experiences, and local recommendations from her home in Denver. Her style is all about “embracing curiosity” and allowing her kitchen to be a playground where she can use her travels and experiences to inspire delicious, fresh recipes. And, we love that Lauren writes about more than just recipes! Her blog is a reflection of the adventurous surroundings of Colorado, filled with restaurant recommendations, travel memories, and more.

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