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Marie’s tried-and-true pizza dough recipe transports us straight to our favorite New York City pizza place, and her ingenious techniques result in the perfect crispy, thin, foldable crust with a dreamy layer of melty cheese. Krysta, Recipe Hunter

Krysta Voskowsky


The Best New York Style Pizza Dough

Your kitchen just became the best pizza joint in town.

America is obsessed with pizza, especially the classic New York style thin crust variation, and for good reason. This, the most classic form of pizza, may be the reason the saying implies that heaven comes in “slices.” Served piping hot, everything from the crisp of the first bite, to the strings of melted mozzarella that stretch as you pull away, to the satisfying grease spot left on the plate, makes classic Brooklyn style pizza one of the best foods in existence. But there’s no need to travel all the way to the Big Apple to savor the best pie. What better way to kick off #PizzaWeek than with a perfectly thin, simultaneously soft and crispy classic New York style pizza recipe? Crafting the most amazing pie you’ve ever tasted in your own kitchen is easier than you’d think, and Marie’s Best New York style pizza dough recipe includes 14 proven prep tips that set you up for success.

This recipe is part of 2014 #PizzaWeek, a week-long blogging event celebrating cheese, carbs, and cheese on top of carbs.


Marie Bialek

Cooker, Baker, Pizza Maker

Marie Bialek of Feeling Foodish

Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Good food brings us together, keeps us strong, and helps us celebrate important milestones in life. I enjoy eating all kinds of foods and trying new recipes, but my fallback is usually a Mediterranean-type approach to food since that’s my foundation. Most of the time, I try to maintain a healthy diet, since I feel best when I’m eating well, but I don’t believe in being overly restrictive since life’s too short not to eat dessert!

Marie is the dough tossing, creative mastermind behind Feeling Foodish. A second generation Italian-American, Marie is passionate about exploring her heritage by way of culinary spontaneity and familial food traditions. When she’s not basking in the delicious nostalgia of pancakes, homemade pasta, and of course, pizza, she’s blogging, photographing, and cooking for her husband and two awesome kids.

Head over to Feeling Foodish and say hello to Marie on Twitter and Pinterest.


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