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Black and Blue Manhattan

Jamming our way through this Manhattan

As the seasons start to change, we’re looking for cockails that warm us up from the inside out while still giving a nod to summer. In this cocktail, Vijay takes a basic recipe for a classic Manhattan (using rye whiskey instead of bourbon) and gets “jammy” by adding both blueberry and blackberry preserves. If you’ve never thought about using preserves in cocktails, it actually makes total (genius) sense! With their concentrated intensity, you’re able to elevate the flavors in a cocktail without adding a ton of extra volume and liquid. To complement the sweetness of the preserves, Vijay uses spicy, dry rye whiskey along with both Angostura and orange bitters. The result is a pleasantly sweet yet strong drink to take you into Fall.


Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef

I’m a former chef so my cooking is aggressive, big-flavored, and unapologetic. I incorporate inspiration from around the world into my food, using bold spices and seasonal ingredients to make hearty, satisfying dishes.

In addition to being the “Chief Nosher” at NoshOn.It, Vijay is a “recovering” professional chef who has been in the restaurant and food world for over a decade. His food is always hearty, satisfying, and flavorful – a style influenced by his Texan upbringing and Indian heritage. This dish is one of his staples and, luckily, something that the NoshOn.It team has enjoyed on many occasions!

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The Difference Between Rye and Bourbon

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