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Baked goods often take the back burner to ice cream and other cool treats during the summertime, but these fresh blackberry and rose water cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for a warm summer day. Elizabeth, Recipe Hunter

Elizabeth Nimmons


Blackberry Cupcakes with Rose Cream Cheese Frosting

Fresh blackberries make these cupcakes a delicious, and beautiful, summer treat.

Mid to late summer is peak berry season and these fresh blackberry cupcakes highlight the best fresh berries have to offer. The secret to these cupcake’s decadence lies in their complexity of flavors: rich blackberries, slightly tart cream cheese frosting and the light floral notes of rose water. The juice of the fresh blackberries also naturally gives the cupcakes a deep purple color — beautiful, especially when topped with bright white frosting! Aside from her fabulous recipe, Michelle’s post is also excellent because she gives a host of great tips including how to mash and deseed blackberries, where to find rose water and making proper frosting. She suggests you use seedless blackberries, but if you can’t find seedless berries, just mash your blackberries with a fork or potato masher and strain through a fine-mesh sieve.


Michelle Lopez from Hummingbird High

Anybody can make beautiful and delicious desserts with unpretentious and unfussy ingredients.

Michelle is a talented photographer, baker, and writer behind Hummingbird High. Michelle’s recipes put an emphasis on simple ingredients and easy steps so that bakers of all levels feel comfortable and accomplished in their culinary feats. From cupcakes to donuts, sweets are at the heart of Hummingbird High and you’re sure to need a sugar fix after looking around.

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