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Blackened Barramundi

Perfectly grilled Cajun-style fish

Cajun food is known for its bold use of savory spices to create complex, deep flavors. Carolyn uses her own homemade blackening spice mixture with oregano, thyme, and smoked paprika to coat pieces of barramundi, a firm-fleshed white fish that’s now become widely available in the U.S. With its hearty texture, barramundi is strong enough to stand up to the blackening spices while still letting its own flavor shine through. And have you ever wished you could grill even in the dead of winter? With a bit of ingenuity, Carolyn turns her panini press into an indoor grill to cook the fish quickly right in her kitchen. After a few minutes, the blackening spice caramelizes on the outside of the fish, creating a spicy crust for a recipe that’s not only delicious but also happens to be low carb and gluten free. Keep a jar of the spice blend in your cupboard and you can put this meal on the table in less than 15 minutes.


Carolyn Ketchum from All Day I Dream About Food

I really do dream about food all day. Sometimes I dream about it at night too. My mission is to make low carb, gluten-free recipes the whole family will love. I also plan to take over the world.

Carolyn brings life to her blog’s motto of “Low Carb, Gluten Free, and Fabulous.” After being diagnosed with diabetes, Carolyn refused to give up her passion for cooking and baking and started sharing her innovative and healthful creations through her blog, All Day I Dream About Food. It’s packed with everything from soups and salads to baked goods of every kind, cocktails, and main dishes to keep you and your family going throughout the week. And, as well as being a blogger, she’s also a published cookbook author with her book Low Carbing Among Friends, which she wrote with 4 other bloggers. Her food proves that even with certain restrictions on your diet, you can still eat delicious, creative, and indeed “dreamy” food!

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