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Who doesn’t love the cool, smooth, sweet goodness of banana cream pie? Claire’s version whips this classic dessert into a straw-worthy cocktail, perfect for impromptu brunches and sun-soaked afternoons. Krysta, Recipe Hunter

Krysta Voskowsky


Boozy Banana Cream Pie Milkshakes

Have your pie, and drink it too.

There’s nothing like the silky blend of bananas and whipped cream to satisfy a springtime sweet-craving, and Claire’s boozy spin on this classic pie recipe is just the ticket. Nostalgic in its simplicity and fun to sip: even involving the vodka, this milkshake isn’t as naughty as you might think. Vanilla greek yogurt combined with bananas and low-fat vanilla ice cream cuts calories and fat, while keeping this cocktail so rich and velvety you’ll think you’ve tripped and landed in a 1950s malt shop. We’re pretty sure this recipe won’t turn your blender into a magical time machine. But at only 360 calories per serving, this shake is the perfect excuse to get your brunch buzz on.


Claire Gallam from The Realistic Nutritionist

I think cooking and food should be simple. Don't overthink it, don't question yourself, just do it. Cooking is like a daily science experiment. Don't be scared to get a little crazy with the ingredients. If you put your entire heart and soul into your dish, it'll taste good.

Claire is a writer, crafter, and recipe creator who is head over heels in love with food. On her blog, The Realistic Nutritionist, she combines her infatuation with flavor with her fabulous sense of humor to bring tasty, accessible, healthy cooking ideas to kitchens across the country. A champion of the dessert-first theory and connoisseur of travel, wine, and sass, Claire’s culinary creativity strikes a happy balance between deliciosity and wellbeing. What started out as a basic nutrition blog has blossomed into an invaluable collection of joy-inspiring recipes that beg to be shared, especially over a healthy serving of love and laughter. Claire’s been creating and dancing around the kitchen since she was six years old, writes regularly for, and cheerfully resides in the Midwest with her husband.

Head over to The Realistic Nutritionist and say hello to Claire on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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