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The genius in this recipe comes in the form of polenta "croutons" (made easy using pre-made polenta) - the perfect accompaniment to pleasantly bitter broccoli rabe sautéed with olive oil, garlic, and lemon. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Swanson, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Broccoli Rabe with Polenta Croutons

A more delicious way to eat your greens

Broccoli rabe is coming into season right now with plenty of the pleasantly bitter, leafy greens to grace our early spring dishes. Swirled into pastas or served as a side dish, broccoli rabe is a much more interesting, delicious, and seasonal way to incorporate more green vegetables into your diet. While some people find the bitter flavor to be assertive, we absolutely love it, especially when it’s sautéed (after a quick blanching) with good olive oil, crushed red pepper, garlic, and lemon zest. The unique part about this recipe, however, is the creative way that Meg turns polenta into “croutons” that are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. If you’re in a pinch, slice and use a tube of pre-cooked polenta. Or, save and use leftovers from another meal to get double-duty out of your polenta. The croutons help put an interesting twist on a delicious side dish and can even bulk this up enough to turn it into a light dinner.


Meg van der Kruik

Wife, Mom, Blogger, Photographer,

Meg van der Kruik

My mission is to create delicious, gluten free, vegetarian meals that anyone would want to sink their teeth into whether they are on a restricted diet or not. I am hopelessly addicted to my family, brownies, and food photography.

Meg is the blogger, photographer, and gluten free recipe developer behind Beard & Bonnet, where she combines her passion for design, food, and her family. Along with her husband, she’s also one half of the duo behind award-winning design studio Union 18, where they make sustainable art and interior products from recycled material. What we love about Meg’s cooking style is that even though she cooks gluten free and vegetarian, she strives to make her food taste and look delicious for absolutely anyone with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Her food is the kind that makes you feel good about what you’re eating, because you know it’s made with love.

Head over to Beard & Bonnet, check out Meg’s design studio Union 18, and say hello to her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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