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Long lines, dripping cones...bypass the ice cream shop crowd this summer by making your own ice cream at home. One generous scoop offers a crave satisfying cookie crunch - no toppings necessary Ashley, Recipe Hunter

Ashley Kane


Brown Butter Ice Cream with Cookie Croutons

Cookie “croutons” add dimension to creamy brown butter ice cream

This isn’t your grandma’s old ice cream recipe. There’s no temperamental hand crank ice cream maker involved, nor any cold icy chunks hidden in scoopfuls. Nope, here there’s only soft creamy dreaminess. This brown butter ice cream is made with a custard base that emulates a subtle toffee flavor from brown butter and sugar. The most ingenious part of this recipe though isn’t even this silky smooth egg yolk base or the added rum. The brilliance is in the mix-ins. Cindy repurposes leftover cookies by baking them into “cookie croutons.”  The result is crispy cookies that remain crunchy even when added to the ice cream base. No soggy, mushy mix-ins here.  We can’t help but scratch our heads and ask: why haven’t we thought of this before? So save those leftover cookies and reinvent them into a delectable dessert. With irresistible creaminess and just enough crunch, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll think twice about reaching for a store bought pint again.



Cindy Ensley

Blogger, Picture Taker, Recipe Maker


Food is my favorite! Cooking, for me, is where practical meets pretty. I definitely believe the best memories are made around the table. If a dish can be both nourishing and delicious, while also being beautiful, that's the best feeling.

Cindy is the fun-loving, enthusiastic genius behind Hungry Girl por Vida. As a passionate connoisseur for all things cooking, baking, and crafting, her blog is the go-to place for some creative inspiration. We love how Cindy believes in the practical side of cooking and how she shares delicious recipes that are pretty to look at, unique to taste, and viable to make. While Cindy has a variety of mouthwatering recipes from appetizers like these Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms and this Coconut Lime Rice salad, it’s her never-ending assortment of dessert recipes that send us running to the kitchen. With cupcakes, ice pops, scones, brownies, and many more, there is truly a sweet, delicious option for everyone.

Head over to Hungry Girl por Vida and say hello to Cindy on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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    Thanks so much for the amazing feature, Ashley and Nosh On.It!!

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    Thank YOU Cindy for your awesome recipes! It was a pleasure to feature you!

  • Brown butter anything has my full attention, but brown butter ice cream? GimmeGimmeGimme!