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A classic Brazilian cocktail with a hoppy twist

The caipirinha is the classic cocktail of Brazil – tons of lime muddled with sugar and cachaca, a sharp liquor made from sugarcane. It packs a bunch but is refreshing for those hot Brazilian nights. And, beer cocktails are the new rage these days, with mixologists like Jacob figuring out ways to showcase the flavors and nuances of beer outside of the pint glass. This cocktail is a riff on a classic and the hoppy, slightly bitter, and floral notes from the IPA elevate the other ingredients. To not overpower, Jacob recommends using just a splash of a good IPA such as Ninkasi’s Total Domination IPA.


Jacob Grier

Lead Bartender at Metrovino in Portland, OR

Liquidity Preference

Jacob Grier

To keep my job interesting, I'm always experimenting with new ingredients or techniques. Finding ways to mix beer into cocktails has been a focus of mine for the past couple years.

Jacob is an expert mixologist and the Lead Bartender at Metrovino in Portland, OR. He’s also an avid cocktail blogger and what we love most about his style is that he’s experimental while still maintaining balance in all of his drinks (a philosophy to which he attributes the success of his drinks). Next time you’re in Portland, swing by Metrovino and say hello to Jacob. Until then, check out his blog to flex your mixology skills in your own kitchen.

Make sure to say hello to Jacob on his blog and Twitter.


Measuring Bitterness in Beer

Here's a handy tip to help you make this Caip-beer-inha recipe.

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