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Celery root proves that beauty is more than skin deep! This often misunderstood fall root veggie gets a makeover into a silky soup topped with sautéed apples. Try out the slightly nutty, potato-carrot esque flavor of celery root in this bowl of warming fall delicousness. Rebecca, Recipe Hunter

Rebecca Small


Celery Root Soup with Caramelized Apples

Ugly root, delicious soup.

The knobby and lumpy root out of which celery stalks grow may not be the prettiest package. But hiding inside this bulbous root is a tender white flesh that is crisp when raw, and silky smooth when cooked. Celery root tastes like the fusion child of a potato, carrot, and celery stalk, with a hint of parsley and some nuttiness in the background. The celery flavor in the root is more delicate than that found the stalks, and one bite has us dreaming of autumn leaves and crisp fall days. Lindsay sautés leeks, garlic, and aromatics along with celery root in butter before puréeing with stock – she uses chicken, but using vegetable stock instead easily makes this a meatless recipe. In prime apple season, caramelized apples are the perfect topper to this autumn dish.


Lindsay Strannigan

Freelance Marketing Consultant/Event Planner

Lindsay Strannigan

I often describe my style of cooking as “Slow food for fast life.” It’s hard to actually cook wholesome meals in the midst of a hectic schedule. Thus, my cooking reflects the struggles of a working professional who is trying to find balance. I strive to make food that is simple and attainable, and at the same time is beautiful, celebratory, and seasonally inspired.

Living in Portland, OR, Lindsay is surrounded by slow-food consciousness and a desire to eat local and whole foods. As a busy working woman – she is a freelance weddings coordinator and marketing consultant – she knows the challenges of fitting such a way of cooking into a hectic life! Her philosophy of “slow food for a fast life” is perfect for those of us who face the challenge of incorporating good cooking into a full schedule. Lindsay’s friendly voice and beautiful photos inspire all of us busy people to make a spot for seasonal and fresh cooking in our schedule.

Head over to Rosemarried and say hello to Lindsay on Facebook and Twitter.


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