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Now, you don’t have to save eating dim sum for a weekend morning trip to a restaurant. With this recipe, you can recreate these classic light and fluffy steamed buns at home, filled with a rich BBQ Chinese pork filling. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Char Siu Bao – Chinese BBQ Pork Buns

Yummy dim sum buns at home

Dim sum is a traditional Chinese meal, often eaten by families perched around a large table on weekend mornings. As carts of steamed and fried items roll by, you simply choose what you want and fill the table with your favorites. For us, a true dim sum trip isn’t complete without a few steamed BBQ pork buns or char siu bao, as they’re known in Cantonese. Unlike the baked rolls we’re used to, these bao (or buns) become light and fluffy from a yeasted dough that is wrapped around a sweet and savory filling of char siu (or Chinese BBQ pork) then steamed. In this recipe, Kevin not only shows us how to make the dough from scratch (it’s no more difficult than any other yeasted dough you would make) but also how to roast your own char siu. Want to keep things simpler? You can buy the roast pork to go in most Chinese “delis” that serve other roasted meats like duck and chicken and even at some Asian grocers. With just 10 minutes in the steamer, you’ll have light and fluffy dim sum made with your own two hands.


Kevin Lynch

Software Engineer / Food Blogger

Kevin Lynch from Closet Cooking

After years of boring meals, I am now on a tasty adventure to find new flavours in every meal. I enjoy exploring the world through cuisine and taking what I learn along the way and using it in creative new ways.

Kevin is a Toronto-based software engineer and food blogger who shares his worldly cooking creations out of his closet-sized kitchen. What’s most interesting is that Kevin wasn’t always passionate about food and cooking. Over the past several years, he’s delved into the world of cooking to save his meals from the same old boring staples and has documented this adventure on his blog, Closet Cooking. He’s a very active blogger who tries flavor combinations inspired by cuisines from around the world and putting his own spin on traditional favorites. We’re particular fans of his burger recipes, which will take you on a journey around the world and back in just one bite!

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