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Chocolate Atole – Mexican Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate can be a meal in itself

Chocolate Atole - rich, thick, and decadent Mexican hot chocolate

Sue says it best in her recipe – “This is a very distinctive hot chcocolate, probably unlike anything you’ve ever had.” Although this Mexican hot chocolate may be new to you, it actually has ancient roots in Mexico and much of Central America where Atole (also known as Champurrado) is commonly enjoyed on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and throughout the Christmas holidays. The most unique part about this drink is how it’s thickened, using masa harina*, the ubiquitous corn-based flour used to make tortillas, giving the final drink a thick, rich almost porridge-like consistency. Traditionally served in the morning with churros or tamales or after dinner as a pre-bedtime drinkable snack, this hot chocolate is truly unique. Want to kick things up a bit? Add a splash of whiskey or rum for the grown-ups.

*(Note: Masa harina is not the same as cornmeal so don’t substitute! You should be able to find the Maseca brand in the Latin aisle of most grocery stores.)


Sue Moran

Food Writer, Photographer, Tireless Taste Tester

Sue Moran from The View from Great Island

I’m fascinated by the complexity of food, and its role in our lives, not only as a celebration of the cycles and diversity of nature, but also as an extraordinary glimpse into other cultures, and, of course, for its sheer sensual delight.

Sue is the writer, photographer, and blogger behind The View from Great Island where she shares her delicious, creative, and inspired recipes with us. She has a way of making even the most involved foods feel effortless and is often influenced by cultures from around the world. In our opinion, the best way to describe Sue is that she’s a “culinary explorer,” digging into whatever looks good to her. Her cooking is driven by seasonal offerings at local markets and by little bits of inspiration that she picks up from all over. All of this combines into a collection of creative and comforting recipes for us to enjoy. We must say, Sue’s view from Great Island looks pretty darn tasty.

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What is Mexican Chocolate?

Mexican chocolate is a unique ingredient because it is stone ground with sugar, cinnamon, and spices for a grainy texture and deep, complex flavor.

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