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We’ve already extolled the virtues of the fudgy brownie- now it’s time for cakey brownies to step up to the plate. Airier than their dense fudgy counterparts, these brownies still refuse to sacrifice on chocolatey taste, packing in three different types of chocolate The combination makes these unbeatable in the cakey category- and may even convert you from their fudgy archrivals! Rebeccah, Recipe Hunter

Rebeccah Marrero


Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Triple the chocolate, triple the fun!

Cakey brownies get a bad rap because if made improperly, they can be dry, flavorless, and unrecognizable as the delicious treat they can be. With a texture so hard to get right, cakey brownies can become too similar to chocolate cake, begging the question of what the definitive difference is from those who have only had substandard cakey brownies. These will convert even the fiercest fudgy brownie lover.The best recipes are passed down through the generations and having grown up on her mom’s famed brownie recipe, Carey has had plenty of time to perfect the technique. There are recipes and then there are in Carey’s words, “followed-to-a-T-because-anything-less-would-be-blasphemous” recipes. These are of the latter category, because there’s a fine line between brownie perfection and mediocrity. What makes these nice and fluffy? By having more eggs in the batter, their emulsion creates more air pockets which translates to an airier texture. For the best results, use room temperature eggs which are more stable in baking. Don’t let their size deceive you- these suckers pack a serious chocolatey punch in a small package. It just goes to show, sometimes mom really does know best!


Carey Nershi

Freelance Writer, Photographer, & Food Stylist

Carey Nershi - Reclaiming Provincial

My interests run the gamut from simple and healthy to sweet and indulgent, and I gravitate toward all things seasonal. I also enjoy nothing more than food that is intertwined with memory and tradition—cultural, personal, or otherwise.

When seeking a name for her blog, Carey found “that lovely sounding word ‘provincial,’ with all of its negative connotations.” Seeking to shed associations of the word provincial with things that are unsophisticated and rude, Carey uses her blog as a way to rebrand the word back to its original meaning, ie. relating to small towns and countryside. With a varied palate and preferences on both ends of the sweet/savory spectrum, Carey’s focus is first and foremost on local, seasonal foods. Seated in foodie haven Burlington, VT, she’s an avid supporter of the local agricultural ecosystem. There’s one kitchen staple that you won’t find here though: onions. A persistent childhood phobia may keep them out of her kitchen but you’ll never know they’re missing. Whether it’s something as fancy as Curry-Spiced Kabocha Gnocchi with Roasted Cauliflower & Sriracha-Coconut Crème Fraîche or as simple as her Mom’s famous brownie recipe, with fresh, simple, and even a few less commonly used ingredients, Carey’s recipes are all stand outs and are sure to impress!

Head over to Reclaiming Provincial and say hello to Carey on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr.


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