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Healthy food doesn't have to be bland. This weeknight chicken is bursting with flavor from a bright, citrus marinade laced with Latin flavors. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Cilantro Citrus Chicken

Weeknight roast chicken with Latin flair

Chicken lends itself to bold-flavored marinades and this recipe certainly doesn’t fall short. By soaking in a trio of fresh citrus juices and both cilantro and parsley, the chicken gets deeply infused with flavor before even being cooked. The great thing is that you can cook this in a number of ways depending on how you’re feeling – grill it for a smoky, fajita-like flavor, sear it in a cast-iron skillet for a similar effect indoors, or simply toss it on a sheet pan and roast it at high heat in the oven. Serve with a side of black beans and rice for the perfect, Latin-inspired weeknight meal. And, be sure to save plenty of extras for salads, soups, or tacos later in the week.


Lindsey Johnson

Food Blogger, Freelance Writer, and Food Photographer

Lindsey Johnson from Cafe Johnsonia

I enjoy the process of cooking - beginning to end. I like knowing where my food comes from and if I can make something myself, I will. I don't like to rely on pre-packaged ingredients if I can help it.

Lindsey is a freelance writer, food photographer, and blogger extraordinaire behind Cafe Johnsonia, where she shares her collection of real, healthful recipes from her kitchen in Utah. What we love about her style is that it’s approachable, comforting, and always homemade. In balancing her own mostly plant-based diet with her family’s love of “bacon, bread, and ice cream,” we’re left with a wonderful collection of inspirational recipes that are in reach for any night of week.

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  • Bejoy Pereira

    Great Recipe Noshon! I am going to try this one soon – it looks very easy and mouth-watering!!!