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Yes, you can drink artichokes...sort of. Meet the Cin-Cyn, the clever cousin of the Negroni which uses Cynar, an Italian liqueur which boasts artichokes as one of its main ingredients, in place of Campari. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


The Cin-Cyn Cocktail

No joke, we're drinking artichokes

Most people are scared enough to prep and eat artichokes, much less drink them! Similar to its cousin, the Negroni, this cocktail is made in a simple ratio of 1 :1:1. While the Negroni is typically equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, the Cin Cyn puts Campari to the side in favor of another classic amaro, Cynar. Like other liqueurs in the same family, Cynar is made from a secret blend of 13 herbs, plants, and spices, but it’s main ingredients is none other than artichokes. Bittersweet in flavor, it doesn’t necessarily taste like artichokes or even have the bright green color, but the vegetable gives the liqueur a unique flavor that’s absolutely delicious in cocktails. Simply mix equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth, and Cynar over ice, strain (or serve on the rocks) and serve with an orange slice for a palate-prepping aperitivo before dinner or a nightcap digestivo after. Named for the Italian way to toast (cin cin), the Cin-Cyn is a vibrant red cocktail that’ll make Cynar the star of your bar…and perhaps a poet along the way.


Greg Mays

Classic Cocktail Enthusiast, Teacher, and Writer

Greg Mays from Simple Cocktails

I see food and drink being deeply connected to our joy and they should be regularly enjoyed with our communities of friends and neighbors. In the company of others, food tastes better, cocktails are more delicious, and people are happier.

Greg is the classic cocktail aficionado and recipe developer at Simple Cocktails, his “place for the intimidated home bartender to shed some fear.” Through classic cocktail recipes, spirit reviews, and his own creative concoctions, Greg helps us understand that not every brand of spirit is created equal. Every spirit has its own unique flavor profile and should be used in different ways to appreciate its nuances. He breaks down the wonderful (and sometimes complicated) world of cocktails in a fun, approachable, and educational way so that all of us can become a talented mixologist from the comfort of our own home.

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