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What’s not to love about crêpes? Sweet or savory, morning or night, the well-beloved French pancake is as versatile as it is tasty. This pure and classic version is the perfect buttery canvas for any number of creative fillings. Rebecca, Recipe Hunter

Rebecca Small


Classic French Crêpes

Say oui to mastering this elegant and simple French favorite.

The crêpe has the well-deserved title of “classic” – the thin pancakes have been delighting eaters for centuries. Originally from Brittany, a peninsular region in Northwest France, crêpes are traditionally accompanied by a class of hard cider – another regional specialty.  Nancy’s well-tested recipe is a testament to the elegant simplicity of crêpes: 6 basic ingredients, a quick mix, then a rest for an hour. (to allow the bubbles in the batter to subside, which means less tears when cooking). Et voilà! Your crêpe batter is ready for cooking and filling experimentations. Once you get the hang of spreading the batter, which is easily done in a regular frying pan by a simple swirling motion, your crêpes will come together in mere minutes.

Nutella plus fruit, is a beloved crêpe-filler, also try with butter and sugar, lemon and sugar, or jam! Caramel made with salted butter is a popular option in France. On the salty side of things, what French food is complete without cheese? Bacon, ham, sautéed spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions are great additions.


Nancy Lopez-McHugh

Photographer, Recipe Developer, Blogger

Nancy Lopez-McHugh

My cooking is inspired by world flavours, my culture and childhood memories. I love sharing my passion for cooking as well as showing others how exotic and delicious homemade meals can be attainable to everyone; all one needs is fresh, healthy and seasonal ingredients.

After years of resisting her mother’s attempts to teach her how to cook, Nancy took matters into her own hands and taught herself. Now, this Mexican expat lives in Europe and shares the global culinary adventures she tackles in her kitchen on her blog, Spicie Foodie. As a lover of bold, spicy flavors, Nancy shares authentic recipes from around the world along with her healthy variations on some of her favorites that prove that an indulgence in flavor doesn’t require a load of calories. With mouth-watering, inspired photography and a passion for sharing her discovered love of cooking, Nancy’s blog is a feast for your eyes and tastebuds.

Head over to Spicie Foodie and say hello to Nancy on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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