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Shortcuts can ruin authentic french onion soup but a new technique makes it easier. Onions are slow caramelized in the oven until meltingly sweet, simmered in a rich broth, then topped with a cheesy crouton. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Classic French Onion Soup

The real way to make a French classic

Let’s face it. Most of the stuff labeled as “French Onion Soup” out there is pretty terrible, mediocre at best. That’s because most restaurants don’t take the time needed to build and extract the layers of flavors that come from low and slow cooking of simple ingredients. Well, this recipe gets it right (and with a helpful technique!). Onions are slow cooked in the oven until meltingly sweet then caramelized on the stove to get the deep richness that is the base for a great soup. The onions are then simmered in a combination of stock, wine, sherry, and herbs until the flavors come together and served piping hot with a bubbling Gruyere crouton. Simple, homemade, authentic, and perfect.


Willow Arlen

Food Journalist & Culinary Adventurer

Classic French Onion Soup

Food is all about bringing people together. It's so much more than sustenance, it's nourishment on every level. To me, the best part of making a dish is sharing it… so pull up a chair and dig in!

We can absolutely get behind Willow’s mantra: “Love people, cook them tasty food.” On her blog, Will Cook for Friends, Willow shares her adventures in cooking and baking homemade recipes with absolutely stunning photography. One of the things we love best about Willow’s style is that she doesn’t take any shortcuts that sacrifice the quality of a dish. This is real, hand-made, from-scratch cooking that yields exceptional results that are perfect for making your friends, family, and guests feel truly special.


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