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From pleasantly hot sunny days that are meant to be spent outside, to when you’re holing up with your AC, getting ready to ride out a ferocious heat wave, this smooth summer soup will help you play it cool. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


Cold Cucumber and Avocado Soup

Get the scoop on this chilled soup

As a popular agent for warmth and comfort, soup gets the most love and attention during the winter months. However, we don’t believe that any one season should lay claim to such a broad category of cuisine, and, rather than shutting off the soup spotlight, we like to shed light on all of the low-temp variations that are out there. If you’ve never tried your hand at one before, you’ll find that a chilled soup is an excellent way to showcase fresh and seasonal summer vegetables. Simple, smooth, green as can be, and ready in under ten minutes, Marie-Ève’s refreshing creation is a shining example of such and a force of coolness to be reckoned with. In her recipe, Marie-Ève features a harmonious green trio of avocado, cucumber, and fresh mint, blended together with lemon juice (among other complementary flavors), then topped with a handful of garnishes for added texture and freshness. So, plug in your blender and get your soup spoons back out—whether as an elegant side at a backyard gathering or a hassle-free personal snack, this quick and delicious minty-fresh dish will simultaneously dazzle your taste buds, while keeping you cool through the most heinous of heat waves.


Marie-Ève Couture

University Research Administrator

Marie-Ève Couture - Craving Greens

Health is high on my list of priorities, so my focus is to create vegetarian recipes that are delicious using exclusively wholesome ingredients. I owe much of my inspiration to my mother who was a wonderful vegetarian home cook much ahead of her time.

Craving Greens is the space where Montreal-based blogger Marie-Ève documents all of her vegan and vegetarian experiments in cooking, using wholesome ingredients. In each recipe, she provides step-by-step photography that will help guide you and inevitably ignite your appetite. We especially love that she makes it a point to include a photograph of her ingredients in their raw form. As she is a fan of trying out new ingredients and putting her personal flair on classics, Marie-Ève’s recipe trove is full of surprises… literally; stationed at the top of her page is a “Surprise Me” button that fetches recipes at random, for all you indecisive eaters out there. Raised on meals from her family’s backyard garden, Marie-Ève decided to take part in an urban gardening program, so that she can once again incorporate her own organic produce into her cooking. We can’t wait to see what she makes!

Head over to Craving Greens and say hello to Marie-Ève on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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