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Cranberry Mojitos

The perfect holiday party cocktail

Mojitos are one of our favorite summertime sipping cocktails but with a little boost of cranberry, they become the perfect holiday party cocktail. Instead of just using regular sugar or simple syrup, Susie makes a cranberry syrup that turns the entire drink a beautiful reddish-pink color that’s just right for the time of year. Fresh mint is muddled with lime juice then mixed with rum, the cranberry syrup, and ice for a refreshing and festive drink that your guests will love. Top it off with a couple of fresh cranberries and your holiday soiree is complete.


Susie Anderson

Blogger / Social Media Marketing Specialist

We are not Martha

Susie Anderson

I believe in a healthy balance. I love my greens and my grains, but am also not afraid to play with sugar and whip up sweet concoctions that would make a dentist cringe. Food is love and I'm obsessed.

We are not Martha is the amazing product of Susie (aka “Sues”) and her partner-in-crime “Chels,” lifelong friends who started this blog 4 years ago to document their attempts to reach for the stars like the Great One herself in all things food, lifestyle, fashion, and entertaining. We absolutely love Sues’s passion for cooking and her recipes reflect that – creative, inspired, unique, and approachable. Keep up the great work!

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