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Megan’s creamy, custard-like quiche with fresh asparagus practically exclaims, “Good morning!” Set within a tasty polenta crust, this gluten-free, brunch-worthy meal will brighten up the whole table. Caroline, Recipe Hunter

Caroline Cassard


Creamy Asparagus Polenta Quiche

Eat pie for breakfast

Meet Megan’s “brunch pie,” the best quiche you’ll ever find that only requires two eggs—one for the crust, one for the filling. Polenta and egg join forces for a soft yet sturdy crust that’s fluffy and sweet in that oh-so-comforting, warm polenta way. Megan folds the crust into a springform pan for simple slicing and serving come party time (AKA brunch time). She sprinkles a layer of feta and parmesan on top of the crust, and then adds the asparagus. To make the most of every serving of this seasonal vegetable, Megan snaps each stalk into bite-size pieces and roasts them for extra flavor. She piles crispy pieces into the crust atop the sprinkling of cheeses. Then the custard filling comes into play. Involving rich Greek yogurt, creamy whole milk, tangy, crumbled feta, and sharp, shaved Parmesan, this filling creates a softer brunch pie that’s less eggy than your average quiche but just as tasty. Megan pours the custard filling over-top of the layer of bright green stalks, surrounding them in a lush, yogurt-y pool before popping the whole pan in the oven. Everything about this asparagus polenta quiche is creamy, cheesy, and fresh, with a much-appreciated asparagus crunch in every bite. And as a bonus, it’s safe for our gluten-free friends! All the more reason to send out a stack of brunch invites to enjoy a comforting mid-morning treat.


Megan DeKok

Food Stylist & Blogger

Megan DeKok- Take a Megabite

I love finding inspiration for new recipes from restaurants or from my childhood. My mom has a big influence on what I make. I love making things I grew up eating, and it's fun to know that potato rolls that were always "special occasion" rolls can totally happen on a spontaneous Tuesday.

Detroit-based Art Director Megan DeKok refers to herself as a “baker by night.” This red-headed, brunch-loving, party-planning blogger features delectable food photography of everyday treats and vibrantly decorated events (like this Lovely Lady Lunch). Her mom’s recipes work their way across the site as she revisits the melt-in-your-mouth pantry cookies and soft banana bread of her childhood. Of her jam, brie, and chocolate chip Breakfast Grilled Cheese, she says, “I want every meal to contain brie and every day to contain sunshine.” Glad we’re on the same page! Megan doesn’t believe that special treats should be reserved for special occasions. How about a causal slice of Chocolate Thursday Cake to celebrate the almost-weekend? Her Instagram is a must-follow: where kitchen counter action, hostessing, travel shots, and her adorable dog, Elliot, create a combination just as sweet as her Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Milk Ice Cream. But honestly, she had us at Pancake Day.

Head over to Take a Megabite and say hello to Megan on Twitter and Facebook.



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