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Vibrant asparagus and creamy greek yogurt make this soup a healthy, rich bowl of comfort on a breezy spring evening. Krysta, Recipe Hunter

Krysta Voskowsky


Creamy Spring Vegetable Soup

Go green or go home: the ultimate spring soup.

Spring’s alternating sunny days and surprise rain showers mean a lot of us are carrying umbrellas and sunglasses on our trips to our local farmers’ markets. Whether you live in LA, UK, or anywhere in between, there’s no better time than spring to enjoy this light, creamy vegetable soup. Packed with probiotics and protein, this recipe features nutrient-rich greek yogurt, plus fresh asparagus, peas, and spinach. The result is a vividly fresh, satisfying soup that’s sure to have your family (even the meat lovers) rising for seconds. Stir up a big batch for a graduation dinner, a small batch for the kids after a weekday baseball practice, or simply use this recipe as an excuse to celebrate Yogurt Week (May 19th-25th) with this fantastically versatile ingredient. What are you waiting for? Grab those veggies, your soup pot, any blending device, and be prepared for a springtime fresh soup that’ll knock your socks off. You won’t need ‘em anyway–it’s almost sandal weather.



Becca John

Blogger and Freelance Recipe Developer

Amuse Your Bouche

Becca John

I aim to show that vegetarian cooking doesn't need to be fiddly, boring, or lacking in flavor. My recipes are packed with veggies, are full of flavor, and are all approved by my meat-loving husband!

Becca is the spunky, creative force behind Amuse Your Bouche, her blog that boasts a colorful collection of simple, delicious vegetarian dishes. Becca’s joie de vivre comes through instantly for readers thanks to her boundless enthusiasm for her work in the kitchen, good cheese, her lovely fiance, and her unabashed use of the exclamation point. A twenty-something blogger and freelance recipe developer from Liverpool, UK, Becca enjoys working with kids, cooking, and taking amazingly vibrant photographs. She specializes in inventing vegetarian recipes that would satisfy even the most discerning carnivore– from breakfast to dessert– Becca keeps her recipe steps as simple as possible.

Head over to Amuse Your Bouche and say hello to Becca on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.



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