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Jonathan’s Cucumber Blonde Bloody Mary stays true to the savory flavors of the original while subbing beer in for vodka and incorporating fresh tomatoes and cucumber juice. The result is a lighter, bubblier version that is fun to make, easy to alter and perfect for sunny weather. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


Cucumber Blonde Bloody Mary

They say Blonde Marys have more fun

This Cucumber Blonde Bloody Mary is an exciting, summery twist on the thick, tomato-heavy cocktail that we’re used to drinking strictly at brunch and on airplanes. With the subtle presence of classic savory ingredients like celery salt and worcestershire sauce, Jonathan’s version is unique not only in its use of blonde beer in place of vodka, but rather than using a pre-made mix it’s made totally from scratch. After juicing a cucumber and muddling fresh tomatoes in the bottom of your shaker, Jonathan’s step-by-step instructions will leave you feeling like a bartender with a refreshing, bubbly cocktail in hand. This recipe is simple and fun and can easily be adapted to taste. Kick back and keep it light or kick it up by adding more hot sauce.


Jonathan Melendez

Caterer, Food Photographer, Blogger

Jonathan Melendez from The Candid Appetite

Take a plethora of photographs and arrange them together with a few humorous lines here and there, and you have my cooking philosophy. I aim to take the anxiety out of the kitchen and make it fun and entertaining.

With a degree in photography, years of cooking experience and a passion for both, Jonathan developed The Candid Appetite to share the recipes that he makes for his friends and family. The Candid Appetite serves the main function of making cooking less intimidating for viewers. By providing a colorful, personable narrative complete with detailed tips and a series of step-by-step photographs, Jonathan makes each unique, delicious recipe fun and accessible for anyone. While we can work up an appetite from looking at the striking photographs alone, Jonathan’s passion for cooking is clear in his writing and gets us that much more excited to get in the kitchen. Beyond The Candid Appetite, Jonathan exercises his love for cooking through catering and he is also a contributor to The Boys Club, an eclectic cocktail blog.

Head over to The Candid Appetite and say hello to Jonathan on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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