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Sarah’s combination of ginger ale and cucumber infused vodka make this cocktail both mild and simple, but it still packs a fizzy kick that’s perfect for patio-sitting and socializing in the sunshine. Krysta, Recipe Hunter

Krysta Voskowsky


Cucumber Ginger Fizz

A refreshing fizzy cocktail perfect for sunny days

Ginger and cucumber are two of the most calming natural ingredients, so it’s no wonder this simple fizzy cocktail inspires Thursday evening front-porch gatherings and refreshing relaxation as the spring gets warmer by the day. Sarah’s Cucumber Ginger Fizz incorporates clean flavors with the subtle bite of carbonation, pairing nicely with a fresh lime wedge–a delightful thirst-quencher that’s sure to satisfy.


Sarah Gerrity

Infographic Designer, Food Blogger, CatPaint Extraordinaire

Sarah Gerrity from Sweetsonian

I crave feeding the people I love just as much as they crave being fed. The kitchen is my happy place -- and in it, I keep my friends close, heart full, and stomach happy.

Sarah Marie Gerrity and her blog, Sweetsonian, come to us from Washington DC by way of California. Sarah’s a busy girl. When she’s not in the kitchen creating fabulous new recipes, she’s at her desk writing about them, or photographing her most recent dishes in the best light possible. On sunny days, Sarah can be seen biking across the city, and she adores a good cocktail after a long day of gardening. A multimedia editor and infographic designer by day, Sarah is also working as a freelance graphic designer and loves swimming, running, and brunching.

Head over to Sweetsonian and say hello to Sarah on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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