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Hurricane season is just about upon us, and wouldn’t it be nice to have some calm before the storm? Tiffany’s elegant Dark and Stormy stays true to the classic mix of dark rum, ginger beer and lime, a divine match that requires little else. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


Dark and Stormy

Brace for storm season with a Bermudian favorite.

The official Dark and Stormy uses Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and is disputed as the unofficial national drink of Bermuda, contending with the Rum Swizzle. There are a few variations of the tropical drink out there: some people prefer an alternative dark rum, while some mix with ginger ale rather than ginger beer. The truth is that the formula is incredibly simple, and all you need are two or three ingredients and a good ratio. Tiffany stirs dark rum with ginger beer and then tops it off with fresh squeezed lime juice – since ginger beer can be pricey, Tiffany actually makes her own. The rum in all its richness and the ginger beer with its unique spice are the perfect duo, and this easy-to-make, easy-to-swig cocktail is popular all over. Tiffany serves hers elegantly, over ice, in a short glass, with a wedge of lime. There may or may not be a storm brewing outside, but there is never a wrong time to enjoy one in your glass!


Tiffany Krause (and Andrew Prather)

Blogger, Material Planner, Interior Design Student

Tiffany Krause and Andrew Prather

During the week, my schedule is jam packed so cooking a healthy meal in a timely manner is very important to me. I love to grow herbs and vegetables year round and use these in my everyday cooking. On the weekend, it’s all about baking! Baking is a huge passion of mine! Eggs are an everyday staple in my house, and so is wine!

Tiffany and Andrew are the two foodies behind Thyme of Taste, a lifestyle and food blog based in the Pacific Northwest. Here you will find a glimpse of their adventures, a variety of seasonal dishes (often inspired by the farmer’s market) and lots of baked goodies. Their collection of recipes is versatile and interesting, and paired with a welcoming narrative, stunning photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, it makes for quite the enjoyable reader experience with inspiration to be found in every corner. Stop by for a taste of what Tiffany (the head chef), Andrew (the blog designer) and the Pacific Northwest have to offer!

Head over to Thyme of Taste and say hello to Tiffany and Andrew on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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