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With Bastille Day (a French holiday) being celebrated this Sunday, there is no better time than now to treat yourself and some friends to a heavenly dessert with French roots. In Najwa’s recipe, lightly-browned crepes meet a rich trio of homemade sauces in sweet harmony. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


Dulce de Leche Crepes with Honey Whipped Cream and Strawberry Sauce

Dessert the French way, just in time for Bastille Day

Every year on July 14th, to commemorate the beginning of the French Revolution, people all around the world pack up their picnic baskets and head to the park for lunch with friends and family (among other festivities). As our special way of commemorating Bastille Day, we bring you a plate of delicious crepes, which originated in France and are still consumed throughout. While there are endless variations out there (both sweet and savory),  Najwa’s are served the French way (folded twice over) filled with rich dulce de leche, dolloped with homemade whipped cream sweetened lightly with honey, and drizzled with a simple strawberry sauce. Since crepes are easy to make and store well, prep them today or tomorrow. All three sauces are relatively easy as well, the dulce de leche will just require a bit of stove-watching as it thickens (the other two will only take a minute). Come Sunday, you can assemble your crepes and treat yourself and your friends/family to a memorable dessert-brunch of irresistible crepes, all in honor of the country from whence they came.


Najwa Kronfel

I love to experiment with new ingredients, use spices and fresh herbs. I like to keep it simple and let seasonal produce stand out in my dishes, always showcasing my roots, giving a Middle Eastern touch that characterizes my food.

Najwa’s blog, Delicious Shots, is rather self explanatory as it is full of… delicious shots. With a knack for a lovely presentation, Najwa is able to bring out the beauty in any and all ingredients through the lens of her camera. Her versatile collection of recipes reflects her training from the French Culinary Institute as well as her Honduran and Palestinian roots. Najwa loves to craft her meals based upon what’s seasonal (which we love) and brings color to the kitchen table. This site is truly full of hidden treasures in every corner; there is even an entire section dedicated to making bread!

Head over to Delicious Shots and say hello to Najwa on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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