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Saffron rice, fresh seafood, and sausage, combine in Spanish paella, a traditional one pot dish that although delicious, can be laborious. Lisa’s simplified recipe recreates this spice filled dish in just one hour saving you time while still splurging on flavor. Nisreen, Recipe Hunter

Nisreen Galloway, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Easy Spanish Paella

Authentic paella without a special pan

Spanish paella is a traditional one pot dish that warms the house with aromatic waves of saffron, and an assortment of rich meats and fresh seafood. Taking hours to prepare and assemble in a specialized pan, its deliciousness and beauty might seem daunting for a midweek meal. However, Lisa’s recipe recreates paella in much simpler terms and will be on the table in just one hour! Forget the paella pan and grab an oven proof skillet that serves as the base for your meal. Then, crowd together chorizo sausage, chicken breast, and fresh shrimp with a saffron infused rice and sweet red peppers to cook in the oven. When this no-fuss dish finishes cooking away, it’s a simple serve and share with the family for a flavorful and unique meal any time of the week. And with the extra time you have left, you can bond over the unique ingredients and cultural history of paella!



Lisa Goldfinger

Food Blogger, Artist, Recipe Developer

Lisa Goldfinger from Panning the Globe

I love to bring the exciting flavors of world cuisine into my home and onto my blog - it's fun and rewarding to learn about far away places and diverse cultures through food

Lisa is the adventurous voice behind Panning the Globe, a blog dedicated to world cuisines. Promising to try and explore over a hundred different country’s cuisines, (some of which she’s visited!), Lisa is a culinary inspiration who also believes in healthy eating. From her vibrant photos to her creative and simplified recipes, her focus is on the unique dishes that every country has to offer with both traditional roots or a historical focus. Her worldly inspirations and desire to eventually leave no country untouched is especially exciting for chefs looking to step out of their comfort zones. Whether you want to join her in baking a paella or barbecuing thai ribs, Panning the Globe is a promising way to get your fill of the worlds dishes.

Head over to Panning the Globe and say hello to Lisa on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.


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