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14 No Refrigeration Salads for a Perfect Picnic

14 Summer Salads That Don't Need Refrigeration

One of the best things about summer is dining al fresco. Whether at a beach, in the park, or on your backyard patio, there is just something special about enjoying a meal in the elements. When preparing for an outdoor feast, the food you choose likely has to be able to go sans refrigeration for… Read More »

Creamy Asparagus Polenta Quiche

Meet Megan’s “brunch pie,” the best quiche you’ll ever find that only requires two eggs—one for the crust, one for the filling. Polenta and egg join forces for a soft yet sturdy crust that’s fluffy and sweet in that oh-so-comforting, warm polenta way. Megan folds the crust into a springform pan for simple slicing and… Read More »

25 Healthy Burger Recipes That Don’t Suck

20+ Healthy Burger Recipes That Don't Suck - these are burgers that taste good and feel good! #burgerweek

Praise to the burger. We all know the feeling – the mood where the only thing you‘re craving is a big, fat, red meat filled, bacon cheese burger sandwiched between a thick brioche bun. Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or sometime in between, nothing else can come close to satisfying you. We know this to… Read More »

Spicy Salmon Burgers

When you’re searching for something that is both healthy and substantial enough to satisfy your burger cravings, look no further than this recipe for spicy salmon burgers from Simone’s Kitchen. Fish makes for a great sandwich, and in this case, ground salmon replaces the typical ground beef and provides a boost in vitamins and heart… Read More »

39 Greek Yogurt Recipes for Every Meal of the Day

39 Greek Yogurt Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Snacking

Is your refrigerator always stalked with containers of Greek yogurt? A mason jar full of Greek yogurt with honey, fruit, and nuts makes a great grab-and-go bite, but what about other Greek yogurt recipes? have you ever eaten Greek yogurt with fork and knife? While regular yogurt rarely ventures beyond the spoon, the taste of… Read More »

Gluten Free Peach and Cherry Quinoa Crumble

Gluten Free Peach and Cherry Quinoa Crumble - use quinoa to create a crumbly gluten free crust for a sweet cherry and peach crumble!

Sometimes it is just too hot in the summer for a heavy, decadent dessert. This peach and cherry quinoa crumble is the perfect alternative — sweet and satisfying without being over-the-top. Peaches and cherries bake together with honey and coconut oil to form a warm, gooey base and then are topped with an unconventional mixture:… Read More »

Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cherry Salsa and Quinoa

Most of us think of summertime grilling in terms of juicy steaks and skewered chicken kebabs, but grilling vegetables is an awesome way to brighten up your picnic spread. Go ahead and fire up an incredible variety of flavors to compliment all that beautifully charred protein. Sweet potato wedges grilled over a flame take on… Read More »

Cold Cucumber and Avocado Soup

Cold Avocado and Cucumber Soup Recipe

As a popular agent for warmth and comfort, soup gets the most love and attention during the winter months. However, we don’t believe that any one season should lay claim to such a broad category of cuisine, and, rather than shutting off the soup spotlight, we like to shed light on all of the low-temp… Read More »

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Feta

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Feta

Watermelon slices are a staple at cook-outs, picnics, and practically any summertime get-together that involves food. Whether you treat it like a palette-cleansing desert, carve the rind into a fruit salad bowl, or never seem to get a slice before it disappears, dribbling down your guests’ faces, you’ve got to try it grilled. The first… Read More »

Lamb Kefta Kebabs

Lamb Kefta Kebabs

There are many types, methods, and spelling variations when it comes to meat-on-a-stick. Classically, kefta kebab refers to ground meat mixed with varying herbs and spices and rolled into meatballs or formed onto skewers to be cooked. Hailing from Turkey, where kebabs are served as street food, this recipe uses traditional ingredients and technique. Lauren… Read More »