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14 No Refrigeration Salads for a Perfect Picnic

14 Summer Salads That Don't Need Refrigeration

One of the best things about summer is dining al fresco. Whether at a beach, in the park, or on your backyard patio, there is just something special about enjoying a meal in the elements. When preparing for an outdoor feast, the food you choose likely has to be able to go sans refrigeration for… Read More »

Authentic Tzatziki Sauce

How to Make Authentic Greek Tzatziki - great for serving as a dip, as a sauce for grilled meats or fish, or as a spread on sandwiches and wraps

Upon return from a fabulous trip to Greece, Alex and Sonja set out to recreate their most memorable dining experiences. While they were there, they had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with authentic tzatziki sauce. This delicious and creamy yogurt cucumber sauce is one of the better known elements of Greek cuisine, serving as… Read More »

Blackberry and Creamy Goat Cheese Sticky Buns

Blackberry and Creamy Goat Cheese Sticky Buns

A great Sunday brunch with friends or family is crucial to ending the perfect weekend. While it’s easy to roll out of bed around noon and stop by your favorite brunch spot, it’s way more rewarding to get into the kitchen and make something from scratch–and what’s more comforting than warm sticky buns? This recipe… Read More »

Creamy Asparagus Polenta Quiche

Meet Megan’s “brunch pie,” the best quiche you’ll ever find that only requires two eggs—one for the crust, one for the filling. Polenta and egg join forces for a soft yet sturdy crust that’s fluffy and sweet in that oh-so-comforting, warm polenta way. Megan folds the crust into a springform pan for simple slicing and… Read More »

Cauliflower Steak Burgers with Tangy Coleslaw

To kick off #BurgerWeek 2014, we’re very excited to have the talented Laura Davidson of Blogging Over Thyme sharing her Meatless Monday spin on a “veggie burger.” Cauliflower may be one of the most under-appreciated vegetables out there and Laura uses it’s meaty texture to create fried cauliflower “steaks” for this vegetarian summer sandwich. Take it away… Read More »

Make the Most of Summer with 3 Fresh Strawberry Recipes from Chez Us

3 Fresh Summer Strawberry Recipes with Chez Us

Summer berries are at the top of our list of amazing things that come with the seasons changing. Strawberries in particular stand out at our favorite farmers markets with their bold color and sweet scent. They’re incredibly versatile and lend themselves to sweet pastries, cakes, and jams. Even salads and savory dishes benefit from the… Read More »

Spice It Up: 6 Hot Sauces You Need to Try Other Than Sriracha

6 Hot Sauces Other Than Sriracha That You Need to Try Right Now

You can put hot sauce on just about anything: burgers, salads, seafood dishes, sandwiches, and Bloody Marys included. But if you’re a spice-obsessed Sriracha die-hard, you shouldn’t stop there. An entire world of hot sauces exists beyond the much-loved red bottle with a green top. From Indonesia to Morocco to Colombia and back again, almost… Read More »

15 Ways to Make Your Favorite BBQ Dish Vegetarian

Summer is on the way and with it comes backyard cookouts and delicious grilled food. Nothing says “summer” more than eating BBQ-glazed food surrounded by family, friends, and beer. Unfortunately, while everyone has a BBQ favorite, vegetarians often get stuck eating either charred or raw chunks of vegetables carelessly thrown on the grill or forgotten… Read More »

How to Eat Summer Tomatoes Every Day This Week

For as long as I can remember (and probably long before that), my grandfather has spent his summers tending his vegetable garden. Each year he braves the mid-summer Georgia heat to grow summer squash, zucchini and hot peppers. What he has always been most known for, however, are his tomatoes. Most summers, my grandfather’s tomato… Read More »

Gluten Free Peach and Cherry Quinoa Crumble

Gluten Free Peach and Cherry Quinoa Crumble - use quinoa to create a crumbly gluten free crust for a sweet cherry and peach crumble!

Sometimes it is just too hot in the summer for a heavy, decadent dessert. This peach and cherry quinoa crumble is the perfect alternative — sweet and satisfying without being over-the-top. Peaches and cherries bake together with honey and coconut oil to form a warm, gooey base and then are topped with an unconventional mixture:… Read More »

Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cherry Salsa and Quinoa

Most of us think of summertime grilling in terms of juicy steaks and skewered chicken kebabs, but grilling vegetables is an awesome way to brighten up your picnic spread. Go ahead and fire up an incredible variety of flavors to compliment all that beautifully charred protein. Sweet potato wedges grilled over a flame take on… Read More »