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Italian Easter Pie

Italian Easter Pie Recipe

This tasty tradition comes to us from Italy, where its name varies from region to region, from Torta Pasqualina in Liguria to Pizza di Pasqua in Umbria. A dense quiche-like dish with some distinctive pizza qualities, Italian Easter Pie is typically enjoyed on Easter Sunday as a hearty way to break Lent. You’ve done so… Read More »

Guinness Beef Stew

Few dishes are as easy to put together and as comforting as stew. Meat and vegetables are slow cooked to create a wholesome, hearty meal that warms the soul. Stews are a great way to stretch ingredients, tenderize tougher cuts of meat through low and slow cooking, and reduce dishes and clean up time by… Read More »

Iowa Style Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

How to Make an Iowa Style Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

Philly has the cheesesteak. Kentucky has the hot brown. The Carolinas have pulled pork. Nearly every state in the country has an iconic sandwich that it can squarely call it’s own. And Iowa has this. The infamous, often-debated Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. It’s often the source of deep-seeded resentment and argument. While I have no reason to… Read More »

Plum Clafouti

Plum Clafouti

With Summer coming to an end, and fall quickly approaching, it’s time to use up the leftover stone fruit you may have in your pantry. This recipe takes on the classic French clafouti, a dessert traditionally composed of stone fruit and custard. This version uses softened, ripe plums, first sauteed in sugar and butter before… Read More »

Peach and Sweet Corn Muffins

Peach and Fresh Corn Muffins Recipe

Corn muffins are an old time confection that have been feeding people for centuries. Served on the sweet side, this oldie is a goody that keeps getting better. With batter made of rich cornmeal and whole kernels of fresh summer corn, this muffin has a fuller texture than an ordinary cornmeal muffin. For an additional… Read More »

Southern Style Cornbread Panzanella

Southern-Style Cornbread Panzanella

Sometimes lettuce just doesn’t cut it. When you’re craving a quick salad but need a little more than what lettuce or simple greens can provide, dig out the ingredients for this hearty cornbread panzanella salad. Panzanella, a Tuscan dish, is traditionally a salad made with leftover bread, fresh tomatoes, and onions, and is often dressed with… Read More »

One Pot Clam Bake

Summer is amazing. We’re all busy soaking up sun, flip-flopping around in shorts and sundresses, catching colorful fireworks displays, and splashing around with our favorite people. All this summer fun works up an appetite, and there’s no better reason to gather around the picnic table than for the traditional flavors of this One Pot Clam… Read More »

Smoked Blue Cheese Patty Melt

Smoked Blue Cheese Patty Melt

Take the simplicity of a grilled cheese sandwich and combine it with the juicy beef of a hamburger, and you’ve got the makings of a really good patty melt. This sandwich is half grilled cheese, half burger, and all mouth-watering goodness. Patty melts are a diner classic that usually comes with swiss or cheddar cheese… Read More »

Southern Buttermilk Brined Fried Chicken

This is one recipe that should be in every cook’s arsenal. The Southern classic’s crunch of the breading, the rich meat of the chicken, the various spices that create the harmonious flavors… And yet for such a simple pleasure, this dish takes a little know how and a great recipe. Enter Beth with her Tennessee… Read More »

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Feta

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Feta

Watermelon slices are a staple at cook-outs, picnics, and practically any summertime get-together that involves food. Whether you treat it like a palette-cleansing desert, carve the rind into a fruit salad bowl, or never seem to get a slice before it disappears, dribbling down your guests’ faces, you’ve got to try it grilled. The first… Read More »

Hot Cross Buns French Toast Breakfast Sandwich

Hot Cross Buns French Toast Breakfast Sandwich - batter and griddle leftover hot cross buns like French toast then top with cheese, sausage, and a fried egg for the best breakfast sandwich ever.

Are you on Team Love ‘Em or Team Hate ‘Em when it comes to leftovers? When it’s just the same thing reheated the next day, we’ll pass but then there are holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter when leftovers can magically transform into something else. Dare we say, often something better than the original? If you’re… Read More »

Apricot, Brown Sugar, and Bourbon Glazed Ham

Apricot, Brown Sugar, and Bourbon Glazed Ham

This glazed ham recipe will surely take the spotlight at your holiday gathering this year. It’s so simple and tasty that it could be used for any other special occasion throughout the year as well. Nicole breaks down her recipe into two sections, making it foolproof even for the most challenged of cooks. By using… Read More »

Porcini Crusted Lamb Loin Chops for Spring

Spring Lamb Recipe

Thanks to the saying, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” we know what to cook for dinner!  Many people eat lamb in honor of Passover and Easter Day. But seeing as spring is prime time for enjoying this special-occasion meat, sunnier weather seems reason enough to celebrate with an oven-roasted… Read More »