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Shrimp, Andouille, and Okra Gumbo

This Shrimp, Andouille Sausage, and Okra Gumbo is like a taste of New Orleans in your own kitchen

There’s something about a trip to New Orleans that leaves its mark on people. It’s a city with vibrance, culture, and authenticity like you won’t find anywhere else. Sure, the city has had its ups and downs, but with the smile on peoples’ faces and the shimmer of hope in their eyes, you’d be hard… Read More »

Southern Shrimp and Grits

How to Make Classic Southern Style Shrimp and Cheese Grits

Among the American South, comfort food reigns supreme and Southern shrimp and grits are at the top of the list. As a child growing up in the American South, I spent the majority of my time at home in the kitchen, cooking, eating, and chatting around the kitchen table. In nearly every Southern household, family and… Read More »

White Gazpacho with Grapes and Almonds

White Gazpacho Recipe

Someone turned up the heat and we’re steering clear of the stove, oven, and anything else that will keep us from keeping our cool. Luckily, there is a whole delicious realm of refreshments out there destined for battling high temps, and one of the big players is gazpacho. You may now be picturing the zesty… Read More »

Authentic Tzatziki Sauce

How to Make Authentic Greek Tzatziki - great for serving as a dip, as a sauce for grilled meats or fish, or as a spread on sandwiches and wraps

Upon return from a fabulous trip to Greece, Alex and Sonja set out to recreate their most memorable dining experiences. While they were there, they had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with authentic tzatziki sauce. This delicious and creamy yogurt cucumber sauce is one of the better known elements of Greek cuisine, serving as… Read More »

Al Pastor Burger with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Al Pastor Burger with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa - all of the flavors of tacos al pastor in between a bun

There’s no question that tacos al pastor might be one of the most iconic street foods of Mexico City. Typically found sliced straight from a spit (like a gyro), slices of pork are marinated in a combination of dried chiles and pineapple, to help tenderize the meat, then layered with more pineapple and roasted until charred and… Read More »

Lamb Kefta Kebabs

Lamb Kefta Kebabs

There are many types, methods, and spelling variations when it comes to meat-on-a-stick. Classically, kefta kebab refers to ground meat mixed with varying herbs and spices and rolled into meatballs or formed onto skewers to be cooked. Hailing from Turkey, where kebabs are served as street food, this recipe uses traditional ingredients and technique. Lauren… Read More »

Homemade Gyros

Homemade Gyros Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or need to satisfy those late-night hunger pangs, gyros are the perfect portable meal. Gyro meat is usually made with lamb or beef, slow-roasted on a turning spit and then shaved off in slices. Since we all don’t have a roasting spit lying around, Rebecca shows us how… Read More »

Barramundi Fish Marsala with Mushrooms

Barramundi Fish Marsala with Mushrooms

You’ve heard of chicken marsala. You’ve heard of veal marsala. Maybe you’ve even heard of pork marsala. But fish marsala? Thanks to Dara, this idea is now a reality. By using a firm-fleshed, meaty white fish like barramundi, she ensures that the fish can stand up to the flavors of the sauce. Fillets of barramundi… Read More »

Curry Spiced Barramundi with Tomato Ginger Sauce

Curry Spiced Barramundi with Tomato Ginger Sauce

Pack your passport away because the flavors of this recipe will transport you to India in just about 15 minutes. Fillets of meaty, hearty, omega-3 rich barramundi are coated with curry powder and baked until flaky and tender. While the fish cooks, Lauren prepares a sauce out of ginger, shallots, and fire-roasted tomatoes to compliment… Read More »

Moroccan Fish Skewers with Barramundi

Moroccan Fish Skewers with Barramundi

It’s time to fire up the grill for a taste of Northern Africa in your own kitchen. Instead of using traditional chicken or lamb on these kabobs, Emily threads chunks of spice-coated barramundi onto skewers with vegetables then grills them until charred on the outside yet falling apart and tender. Barramundi is meaty enough to… Read More »

Sicilian Pizza with Eggplant

Sicilian Pizza with Eggplant - a classic Sicilian-style pan pizza with seared eggplant, red onions, and basil #pizzaweek

This recipe is part of 2014 #PizzaWeek, a week-long blogging event celebrating cheese, carbs, and cheese on top of carbs. Stuffed crust, deep dish, and thick crust enthusiasts can finally agree on one order: Sicilian pizza. But don’t mistake the square slice for a mysterious school cafeteria meal of your past. Sicilian dough stretches across an olive… Read More »