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Gluten Free Vanilla-Creme Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

The cupcakes we used to love as kids brought back to life

Even though you may not see the nostalgic cream-filled cupcakes from Hostess on the shelves anymore, it doesn’t mean we can’t make our own! Heather gives the adored Hostess filled cupcake a second life in this gluten free recipe where she elevates each component, making them even better than the original. After baking a batch of her moist and crumbly gluten free chocolate cupcakes, simply scoop out the middle and fill it with a homemade vanilla creme (assisted by store-bough Marshmallow Fluff). Coat the tops in a rich, bittersweet chocolate ganache, make the requisite squiggles using melted white chocolate, and you’re left with a nostalgic decadent treat that’ll remind you of being a kid again.


Heather Sage

Gluten-free Recipe Developer and Writer

A Sage Amalgam

Heather Sage

Making alternative-flour goods as delicious as their gluten-ful counterparts is my passion. I’m not about secret ingredients or methods, but instead full disclosure – I refuse to keep all of my tricks for making tasty homemade gluten-free food to myself!

Heather’s food is beautiful, delicious, and in the case of this recipe, nostalgic. As she challenges herself to create gluten-free food that’s as delicious as their gluten-ful counterparts, we get the pleasure of sharing in the results of her experiments. Even if you’re not gluten-free, you’re still bound to find something you’ll love on her blog, so make sure to check it out!

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