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Lindsay and John turn the familiar flavor combination of fennel and orange into this refreshing, aromatic springtime cocktail with muddled fennel, orange, lemon, and gin. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Fennel and Orange Cocktail

Fennel and orange meet again...this time in your glass

You might be familiar with the flavors of fennel and orange in a salad, but this recipe extracts the flavors of these ingredients and puts them in your glass for a spring-worthy cocktail. Fennel, when muddled, releases its lightly sweet anise flavor into the drink, which is complemented by sweet oranges. With dry gin, vermouth, and a splash of simple syrup, this cocktail is refreshing, balanced, and complex all at the same time. And don’t throw away the fronds! Save the little green stems from the fennel to garnish the glass. As someone moves their nose towards the glass, they’ll get a whiff of the fennel, inviting them to take another sip.


Lindsay and John Cheesebrew

Pastry Chef / Executive Whip Cracker & Carnivorous Preparations / Dish Washer

Lindsay and John Cheesebrew

We like food when it is at its best. When it is in season. When we know where / who it comes from. We like the ingredients to speak for themselves. We are not fussy people and neither is our food.

Lindsay and John Cheesebrew are the husband-and-wife dynamic duo behind Bird and Cleaver where they share their simple, seasonal recipes. As a pastry chef, creative director, and “executive whip cracker,” Lindsay makes sure that everyone stays in line with something sweet, while John, the carnivore of the pair, lends a savory edge with his cleaver. Reading their blog is like tagging along with them day-to-day on their family’s journey through life – what you see is what they’re eating…and it all looks delicious.

Head over to Bird and Cleaver and say hello to Lindsay and John on Facebook and Twitter.


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