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This just might be the perfect cupcake. A light, fluffy white cake is topped with a creamy, almond-infused French buttercream for a sweet treat that we can't resist. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Swanson, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Fluffy White Cupcakes with French Almond Buttercream

In search of the perfect cupcake

There might be a million cupcake recipes out there, but this is the one that Joanne keeps coming back to. Boxed white cake mixes might make a cupcake with a delicious flavor and great texture, but they’re also loaded with a bunch of junk we can’t even pronounce. This recipe perfects the simple white cake recipe, turns it into a cupcake, then tops it with a thick, rich buttercream. Unlike basic American buttercream that uses butter, sugar, milk, and vanilla, this recipe calls for a true French buttercream made with egg yolks, a warm sugar syrup, and butter. Joanne infuses hers with almond extract and the result is a frosting that’s the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Whether you’re a frosting or a cake person, this cupcake has the best of both worlds.


Joanne Ozug

Content Creator, Recipe Developer

Joanne Ozug from Fifteen Spatulas

Cooking from scratch has a reputation of being difficult and time-consuming, but I like to show people that it doesn't have to be. I believe in using whole foods and fresh produce in my meals and recipes.

Joanne is the content creator, blogger, and recipe developer behind Fifteen Spatulas where she shares her passion for from-scratch cooking through recipes and videos. With an interest in food that started at a very young age, Joanne has committed herself and her blog to helping people realize that cooking real food from scratch doesn’t have to be intimidating! We absolutely love that her recipes have step-by-step photos (some even have video!) so you can follow along and start to really understand what’s happening on the stove and in the oven. On your journey to become an amazing cook, Fifteen Spatulas is a must-visit destination to be inspired and educated.

Head over to Fifteen Spatulas and say hello to Joanne on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


What is Cake Flour?

Many cake and cupcake recipes call for cake flour. Cake flour has a lower protein content than all purpose flour which makes for a light, fluffy cake.

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