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There's nothing quite as romantic as a warming bowl of red wine braised stew. It needs to cook low and slow for several hours, leaving plenty of time for all of those "other" Valentine's Day activities. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Boeuf Bourguignon – French Beef Stew

French food is for lovers

Look no further for that perfect Valentine’s Day meal. After all, who knows love better than the French? Cubes of beef are slow simmered in red wine (French, of course), herbs, and veggies for hours until meltingly tender. As it cooks, the broth transforms into a luscious, soul-warming sauce that just screams romance. Towards the end, pearl onions and mushrooms are mixed in for extra earthiness. The best part is that you can easily make the stew the day before and just reheat it, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your company. Serve a big bowl of this with a loaf of crusty bread and a hearty red wine for a meal that will have you and that special someone feeling quite good…if you know what we mean.


Amy Dong

Mommy, Teacher, Food Blogger, Recipe Maker

Amy Dong from Chew Out Loud

The kitchen is my favorite gathering space. I cook and bake for others at every opportunity! I'm passionate about trying new things, creating fresh flavors, and sharing my favorite recipes from around the world on Chew Out Loud.

Amy is the blogger and recipe developer behind Chew Out Loud, where she shares her eclectic collection of recipes from her Minneapolis kitchen. Growing up in Los Angeles in a family where food was a central part of being together and celebrating, Amy developed a passion for cooking and baking that she now shares with her own family and friends. Her style is simple and fresh with everything from quick and easy weeknight dinners to long cooking dishes that bring the family together. What we love most is that browsing through Amy’s recipes is like taking a trip around the world! Through her cooking, she explores flavors and recipes from different countries, using this as inspiration for her own creations.

Head over to Chew Out Loud and say hello to Amy on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Use the Oven to Keep Stews at a Simmer

Simmering a pot of stew at a low temperature is the key to making it tender. Instead of cooking on the stove, use the oven for an even temperature.

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