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We love bite-sized desserts and these little squares of rich, chewy, chocolatey brownies ensure that you get plenty of crispy edges in each bite. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Gluten Free Bite Size Brownies

Bite sized chocolate satisfaction

Bite sized desserts are a finger-food-friendly way to enjoy perfectly portioned sweet treats, which are just right for little hands. These bite sized brownies are simple, chocolatey and delicious. By using a clever combination of ingredients, these brownies can be made not only gluten free but also vegan if you’d like. Plus, by baking them in a silicone pan with small square wells, you can ensure that each brownie bite is surrounded by plenty of crispy edges, just like the corner pieces on a big pan. Store these in a jar for crumb-free late night snacking or to hanker a craving that only chocolate can satisfy.


Ashlae Warner

Full-time Environmental Economics Student, Part-time Baker

Oh, Ladycakes

Ashlae Warner

I cook what I'm craving. Some days it's a big ol' salad, and other days it's a Thai stir fry. One thing's for certain: it's always loaded with in-season veggies.

Oh, Ladycakes is where Ashlae documents her adventures in her Denver kitchen. The thing we love most about reading Ashlae’s stuff is not only her delicious recipes and beautiful photos (of which there are many) but her style of writing, which always leaves us chuckling. She has such a personal and clever way of explaining the stories behind her recipes that you feel like you’re getting to know her through her recipes. And for the non-vegan or non-gluten-free folk out there, recipes like this Chili Gumbo are so good that you won’t miss a thing!

Make sure to say hello to Ashlae on Oh, Ladycakes and Facebook.


How to Substitute Gluten Free Flour for Regular Flour

When trying to substitute gluten free flour for regular flour, using a little bit of xanthan gum can help provide the same structural quality of gluten.

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