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Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread

An Irish staple made gluten free

A proper St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a few pints, corned beef and cabbage, and, of course, a couple of thick slices of Irish Soda Bread. Even if you keep a gluten free diet,you can still enjoy soda bread with this recipe. Using a combination of gluten free flours for just the right texture, Sandra has perfected her Irish Soda Bread so that it’s hearty and just dense enough. Studded with raisins that have been pre-soaked to keep them plump while baking, this bread is best served in thick slices slathered with a hefty spread of softened butter.


Sandra Kehoe

Full Time Mom, Food Blogger, Photographer

Sandra Kehoe from Kitchen Apparel

I find delight in preparing healthy and wholesome food for my family. I believe that using fresh and local ingredients in the food you prepare, will not only make your food taste better, it will make you feel better too!

Sandra is the food blogger, recipe developer, and photographer behind Kitchen Apparel where she shares her fresh, seasonal, and healthy recipes. After working with a health coach to transform her life, Sandra realized the inspiration that can come from making handmade, healthful meals using the best ingredients available nearby. As a mother and wife, she has taken on the challenge of feeding 4 hungry mouths with varying tastes by creating recipes that the whole family will love. Now, with her recently started blog, she’s able to share her delicious creations and beautiful photography with the world.

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How to Plump Raisins for Baking

Before using raisins in breads or baked goods, plump the raisins by soaking them in boiling water, hot juice, or bourbon for 10 minutes to keep them juicy.

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