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In her shrimp salad, Renee uses refreshing grapefruit and cool cucumber to lighten things up this summer, with avocado as a natural health and flavor boost. Brooke, Recipe Hunter

Brooke Jackson-Glidden, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with Shrimp

Detox, cleanse, and refresh with grapefruit and avocado

On a hot day in the throes of summer, your body cries for refreshment, and the tart bursts of juicy grapefruit and the crunch of crisp cucumber in Renee’s Grapefruit and Avocado salad is exactly what the doctor ordered. Hidden among the greens, however, lie a bounty of secretly healthy foods your body needs to rehydrate and recharge. Eating high-water veggies and replenishing sodium lost sweating helps keep your body healthy and hydrated in the heat. Not to mention, shrimp and avocado are both secret gems in the health food world. Avocado has a high monosaturated fat content, which is good for you and helps you maintain a healthy diet. Shrimp, on the other hand, is high in HDL cholesterol, in other words “good cholesterol,” which protects you from heart disease.  Regardless of the health benefits, this salad plain-old tastes good: the natural creaminess of the avocado cuts the acidity of the grapefruit, and citrus and seafood have always been a culinary match made in heaven. Do your body and taste buds a favor with this powerhouse summer salad!


Renee Kohlman

Chef, Food Blogger, Gardener, Butter-Lover

Renee Kohlman from SweetSugarBean

Cooking from scratch doesn't have to be complicated, and it most definitely should be fun! I believe in eating well; making wholesome food from fresh, seasonal, local ingredients, organic whenever possible. And I always save a little room for dessert, too.

Renee is the mind and artist behind SweetSugarBean, her garden-to-table food blog with a vibrant compilation of recipes for the home. A baker and farmer from a young age, Renee designs recipes that reflect her past and her present, especially what’s presently seasonal, fresh, and locally-sourced (even as local as her backyard). She has a distinct sweet tooth, but skips the boxed mixes and makes every cookie and cake from scratch. “When you start with good, wholesome products, you will make good, wholesome food,” she says, and her recipes speak for themselves – never fussy, always fresh, and always with a dessert to match.

Head over to SweetSugarBean and say hello to Renee on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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